Stephen Evans

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Stephen is a playwright and author of The Marriage of True Minds and A Transcendental Journey.


I have written here before about the resilience of the rose bush behind my apartment ( But between the deer last year and the late freezes this year, I think the rose bush has finally met its match. As you can guess, I am sad about it.

There is an azalea bush next to the rose bush, and, if I recall rightly (always a question these days), it was planted for my mother by my brother Michael nearly fifteen years ago, not long after they moved in here. In all those years to my knowledge it never bloomed. I am no gardener, but I often wondered if it wasn't getting enough sun, or rain. But maybe it was just waiting for the right moment.

Both Mike and Mom are gone now, but I hope they are watching from heaven, because their azalea has bloomed for the first time, two beautiful pink blossoms. I guess you never know what is going to bloom. Or when.

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Rosy Cole
As Thomas Gray says in Elegy written in a Country Churchyard (one of my Dad's favourite poems) Full many a flower is born to blu... Read More
Wednesday, 08 June 2016 15:31
Stephen Evans
If obscurity is the measure then I feel quite distinctive ... Read More
Thursday, 09 June 2016 15:05
Ken Hartke
I can't grow azaleas -- they die in a matter of days. I can probably kill my neighbor's azaleas just by my presence nearby. Mayb... Read More
Wednesday, 08 June 2016 20:43
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The Secret of Culture

The secret of culture is to learn, that a few great points steadily reappear, alike in the poverty of the obscurest farm, and in the miscellany of metropolitan life, and that these few are alone to be regarded, — the escape from all false ties; courage to be what we are; and love of what is simple and beautiful; independence, and cheerful relation, these are the essentials, — these, and the wish to serve, — to add somewhat to the well-being of men.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Katherine Gregor
Hear, hear!
Friday, 27 May 2016 12:13
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The Danger of Poetry


He repeated, with such tremulous feeling, the various lines which imaged a broken heart, or a mind destroyed by wretchedness, and looked so entirely as if he meant to be understood, that she ventured to hope he did not always read only poetry, and to say, that she thought it was the misfortune of poetry to be seldom safely enjoyed by those who enjoyed it completely; and that the strong feelings which alone could estimate it truly were the very feelings which ought to taste it but sparingly.

Jane Austen


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Rosy Cole
I do think, though, that poetry is the purest form of communication, heart to heart with no intermediary, assuming it to be read i... Read More
Sunday, 15 May 2016 12:27
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The Spider

I was looking out the sliding doors at my back porch today when I noticed a spider right in front of me. It reminded me of this piece, written a few years ago, maybe about the same spider:


A single strand of spider’s web was strung across my porch this morning. I would never have seen it if the sun hadn’t caught it just right. How in the world could one tiny spider have strung that slender thread, eight feet or more over open space?

Was he saying “See what I can do and you can’t?”

Or was he saying “See what can be done?”

The truth is, he wasn't saying anything, has no knowledge of me, was just living his life in the world. It’s not all about me. I keep forgetting that.

But see what can be done.

I keep forgetting that too.

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Rosy Cole
The question is: Would he have existed if you hadn't spotted him? Reminds me of Antoine de St Exupery and The Little Prince tendi... Read More
Monday, 09 May 2016 12:29
Stephen Evans
But if he was aware of me, wouldn't he have written "Some human"?.
Monday, 09 May 2016 16:13
Rosy Cole
I can't see why he would, Steve. But the point is, he doesn't need our language (which is a barrier and source of confusion even a... Read More
Monday, 09 May 2016 17:38
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This is so beautiful, Stephen. Transcending.
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I was probably less than average at sports, Sue, but did love tennis and netball and excelled at rou...
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Thanks, Ken. I think you are right - it really helps to get out of your comfort zone to up your awar...
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I enjoyed this. I used to live on a bluff above the Missouri River but I had to go elsewhere to beco...

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