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    Friday, 09 June 2017

    What a sacroscrotilogenous and idiopatheticorniphrastic election result! It's incredularious and unacceptabilioso to the point of confududilinarianism.
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    Monday, 17 April 2017

    Dateline: January 2010, India Some dear friends of ours from Delhi we have known for many years invited my wife and I to stay with them. During our visit there, I met a retired general from the Indian army He was an uncle of one of our friends: a d
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    Saturday, 08 April 2017

    Westminster Bridge hailed by Wordsworth ‘a sight so touching’ but death is still death.   Smiling, carefree tourists crossing the Thames but death is still death.   A big car driven on a footpath. People mown down with bitterness bu
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    Thursday, 08 September 2016

    Does a city have an ebb and flow like that of the sea? Do the movements of people and traffic in an urban space mimic that of the tidal advance and retreat? How does it feel when you have to navigate a strange town without your bearings as if trying
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    Tuesday, 06 September 2016

    Early morning sunny By the river Shapes meander into A horizon unleashing flows of memory   Like a balm Nourishing Parched souls The waters  Wash over us   Unifying  Separate sides This thin vein Elixir  Flows onwards    Fluid imprint  Permanent  On

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Ashen The Delight of Hand-Writing
19 June 2017
Lovely piece of writing ☼ Reminds me to befriend my fountain pen again. I wrote the first 3 chapters...
Stephen Evans Something Didn’t Happen
14 June 2017
I wrote it some time ago but it did seem strangely appropriate.
Rosy Cole Something Didn’t Happen
13 June 2017
The story of modern News media. This just about sums it up
Rosy Cole Election Result
12 June 2017
I suspect what we find most uncomfortable is that our Government leaders force us to take a good har...
Nicholas Mackey Election Result
10 June 2017
How can one take this political charade with any degree of seriousness? Many thanks for commenting, ...

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Choppy waters foam at their tips in curls of white, churning waves into shore as a milkshake blending in the darkest, richest chocolate. They break ...
Photos of beautiful baby Caroline, our girst great grandaughter are all over our house. Vickie is again helping Erin today during this difficult time....
I feel a sense of calm within.   After many days of unraveling events, serenity has finally emerged. Sometimes in the thick of it all, I wonder if ...
Once upon a time In a distant land Something didn’t happen And everyone was glad. Once upon a time Neither here nor there Something didn’t happen But...
What a sacroscrotilogenous and idiopatheticorniphrastic election result! It's incredularious and unacceptabilioso to the point of confududilinarianism...