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    First Song

    Posted in Blogs on Saturday, 11 November 2017

                    To that which moves, to that which moves,          Which penetrates the universal shine         And shimmy, Roundabout, where other isn’t Within, without, non-centric circle thing,       All light that which in most the light begins       Nor knows, nor can, who descant; Because in drawing near to what is dear       Our swallowy mind perspires and jealous folds       Into itself where memory cannot go. Truly whatever the realm holistic      Powerful treasures, body and mind,     Mind of which I thee sing. Apollo, creed of the living     Vessel me in thy talented power      Bower of joy and sound! One sum, it adds up to nought,     For me for you for both     Swim to the center and cry. If you can imagine, you, and breathe      In deepest drawing scent     While I watch in awe and innocence. Ten cents a dance, the best   That I can do, shadow of the realm   Stamped in my brain, blessed, so what. Once there was a tree and a crown   Underneath it all and nevertheless leaves,   Which shall you choose, O! So seldom, Father, so seldom, do we,   But we try, we have to try and   of human inspiration can we? So back to the leaves and so forth,   They fall all over the crown,   Where is it I say? I say But no one answers. Maybe better voices,   better voices after me, after me.   Alleluia. Please respond!  

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Stephen Evans A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
19 February 2018
High praise! Thank you.
Katherine Gregor A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
18 February 2018
Beckett would be envious.
Stephen Evans A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
05 February 2018
I just realized that the last two posts were plays. How true to the spirit of The Green Room!
Rosy Cole A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
04 February 2018
Interesting dynamic. Reflects the popular conception of 'democracy'. (Look at it this way, the US is...
Ken Hartke Flipping the Omelet
01 February 2018
One word: Fritatta

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