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    It's a moving target. Language changes constantly. We borrow words or reinvent the meaning and purpose. Living in a bi-lingual region has been an eye-opener on how much borrowing there is. I'm sure I've probably invented words or resurrected old words. I've tried to bring back the word "Huzzlecoo ", invented by Gelett Burgess who also invented "Blurb", but with reduced emphasis on sexual/flirtation and more on friendly banter and good-natured teasing. Our dictionaries are obsolete by the time they hit the store shelves. And then people tell me there's something called "grammar", or used to be.

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Stephen Evans A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
19 February 2018
High praise! Thank you.
Katherine Gregor A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
18 February 2018
Beckett would be envious.
Stephen Evans A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
05 February 2018
I just realized that the last two posts were plays. How true to the spirit of The Green Room!
Rosy Cole A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
04 February 2018
Interesting dynamic. Reflects the popular conception of 'democracy'. (Look at it this way, the US is...
Ken Hartke Flipping the Omelet
01 February 2018
One word: Fritatta

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