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    An invigorating post in itself :-) I so sympathise with your episodes of adrenal exhaustion which can be quite a handicap and are little understood in orthodox medicine. When there's a need to recoup, it can be a challenge to excuse oneself socially, too, for the same reasons. Hard to explain a desire to be present, while having no choice but to forgo. I do have an alternative regime, of which meditation is a very essential part, but will also investigate your method. Singing, because of the disciplines of breathing technique, was a great help during the years I was involved in it several times a week, but that kind of commitment is unworkable these days.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your findings. You're right, Qi Gong is more poetic and gentle than those hard impact exercises. Always remember, English character was forged in the tension between punishing Catholic and Puritan modes of thinking!

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