• Thank you, dear writer friends! I probably will not be able to resist blogging occasionally, and I know I will read others' posts when time allows. Our daughter Katherine has been in the hospital since Dec. 18, but may be admitted at least for awhile to skilled nursing home tomorrow. We have had 17 of our 26 immediate family here at least in and out part of the time this holiday season. Our local daughter had a beautiful feast for all who could come on Christmas Day. Last night all four bedrooms here were full and three people had to sleep on couches. Younger cousins (now all very young adults) are having a gift exchange and get together tonight. Erin and baby Caroline fly back to Texas tomorrow morn and Geri Ann flies back to Oregon. Nine left this morning, but three of those will be going back through here later in the week. I wanted a big family, and at this point in life, I have achieved it. My 92 year old sister and her husband had 25 for Christmas Eve at their house. Sadly two of their four adopted daughters died a few years ago. They partially raised a grandson, and he usually showed up for supper with them the last few years--both my sister and husband are excellent cooks--and now this grandson moved into their house next door after renter moved out. So I do nor have to worry about them. Their middle daughter and husband are also only a couple blocks or so away, Their family is even more complicated than ours, and so is my brother's family. Lots of heart aches and problems in big families but also lots of joys. Small families have advantages and are often closer than large ones, and I know many valuable creative contributing singles too! I am convinced as we worry about our democracy right now that all eras, just as all families, have problems but often valuable solutions. I hope 2018 is not a worse war problem for us, but so many of the world's people are in the throes of war right now. I am still trying to figure out how to balance living happily while others suffer fires, hurricanes, and war. Talk to you later!!

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Stephen Evans Going to the Dickens
14 January 2018
Thank you! That sounds just my style
Katherine Gregor Going to the Dickens
14 January 2018
I haven't yet been able to read a Dickens novel in ful (shame on me).May I recommend a wonderful New...
Katherine Gregor Four Wishes
14 January 2018
Amen to this.
Stephen Evans Four Wishes
11 January 2018
Devoutly to be wished.
Stephen Evans Going to the Dickens
05 January 2018
Thank you! Ken has reminded me that I read A Tale of Two Cities in school. I am moving on to Carson ...

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