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    Four Wishes

    Posted in Blogs on Wednesday, 10 January 2018

      Image courtesy of Diane Romanello     ...For time to heal and feel and breathe free air unlaced with taint of death, to ponder skies of patent blue and kindled clouds of sunset hue, to savour moments where life lives and know no situation gives of itself and without cost, for in pursuit true life is lost ...and space beyond encroaching walls, a banished need for shopping malls, those boundaries of every kind breached on land, in heart and mind, and false divisions that enlist a pledge that puts us to the test, removes our footprints with the tide of cross-hatched plots and national pride  ...and place where energies recharge, a refuge from the world at large so inspiration finds its wings, hard-earned spoils each season brings, where travel can reveal new cultures but foils the money-changing vultures, lends atmospheres that tell of history and conjures legends wreathed in mystery ...and Grace in time and space to find a place within our heart and mind of peace, emblem of that heavenly home where pearls exchange for purchased loam, furnished by One who pierced the gloom and snapped the bondage of the tomb and rose to greet a golden dawn, a mystic presence in our form   from Mysteries of Light (collection in preparation)  

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Stephen Evans Going to the Dickens
14 January 2018
Thank you! That sounds just my style
Katherine Gregor Going to the Dickens
14 January 2018
I haven't yet been able to read a Dickens novel in ful (shame on me).May I recommend a wonderful New...
Katherine Gregor Four Wishes
14 January 2018
Amen to this.
Stephen Evans Four Wishes
11 January 2018
Devoutly to be wished.
Stephen Evans Going to the Dickens
05 January 2018
Thank you! Ken has reminded me that I read A Tale of Two Cities in school. I am moving on to Carson ...

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  Image courtesy of Diane Romanello     ...For time to heal and feel and breathe free air unlaced with taint of death, to ponder...
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