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    I think you are right, Rosy. I find that there is a missing quality of curiosity among some younger people. I kept my guardian angel very busy as a child -- hardly a moment's rest. That doesn't seem to be how things are today unless a parent or adult inspires curiosity and a sense of engagement. There seems to be something missing.

    A week or so ago I was berated by a forty-year-old over my preferences in music. He (wrongly) assumed that I was unfamiliar with modern music, especially some experimental jazz artists he follows. Our conversation continued for a while on different topics and eventually I recommended a book that I thought he would find interesting. "Oh, I don't read" was his response. Reading is hard work...requires engagement. . Listening to music is a little easier. I wrote the name of the book and author on a slip of paper and gave it to him anyway. Maybe he will look for it. Maybe not.

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