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    Game of Thrones? I may have heard of that.

    Coleridge's observation, I think, is more general than what you describe. In some ways it can be compared, perhaps, to Method acting, a two-way engagement where sparks are kindled and both sides meet in a pooling of emotional resources.

    As someone who finds it well nigh impossible to suspend disbelief, I can still find enthralling treasure in stories and enjoy them in other ways. Legends and fairy tales, for instance, have universal resonance. Many authors do find that once they've written their first novel, they are never again able to escape in fiction.

    Anthony de Mello maintains that the shortest distance between a human being and Truth is a story. The biblical parable is a fine example.

    But, Steve, what hope is there for authorkind, if you, being so tuned into another world, fast forward through tracts of the action to your favourite bits? :-) [sigh]


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