18th March 2014


You Are a False Prophet

I thought it was just a little battle

But now I know it’s a war

I have drawn up my line

I am a man of honour

Like my father and like my son

I have made mistakes

Normally of the heart

But I won’t take this laying down

I won’t be treated this way

So beware of what you’re asking me

Because I won’t go away

I have shaken my head too long now

I have only myself to answer the call

I will show you who I am

I was a number once

I am not a number now

I way shaking in my bunker this morning

I was weighing up the situation

I have no trust in your attack

It’s not honourable

You are a false prophet

And as we all know wrong is never right

I will take you on

I will stand my ground

I will not bow to you

Follow me where you will

I have right on my side

I have chosen my ground

And I believe in me

The Coup d’état

There is a Coup d’état going on in my head
One part is trying to break away
They have created a manifesto
A flag
And a song
They sing it quietly during the night
And it keeps me awake
At present it is peaceful
But it could turn violent at any time
I have no idea how this will end
In fact ideas do not come without a struggle
My heart was killed in a violent attack of passion
My head broke away from my body many years ago
My skin has become irrational
My bowls function without warning as they don’t like any of it
My eyes are doing their best not to see
It’s all quite hard to cope with
But I guess it will all go away in time
Wait I have to go a bell is ringing
False alarm
Try to sleep on you messed up fool

18th March 2014




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Monday, 19 February 2018

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Stephen Evans A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
19 February 2018
High praise! Thank you.
Katherine Gregor A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
18 February 2018
Beckett would be envious.
Stephen Evans A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
05 February 2018
I just realized that the last two posts were plays. How true to the spirit of The Green Room!
Rosy Cole A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
04 February 2018
Interesting dynamic. Reflects the popular conception of 'democracy'. (Look at it this way, the US is...
Ken Hartke Flipping the Omelet
01 February 2018
One word: Fritatta

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