Oh, the Fun

I've written before, this is the best part, when I'm finishing one novel - Book 1 - and its been edited and revised, and the second one is being completed - Book 2, but it needs revised and edited - and I embark about sketching deeper ideas about the conclusion, Book 3. The muses are unleashed and run amok through my mind. Ideas spill, spread and crash like the restless sea. Creativity blossoms and the energy explodes. I get so excited at these intersections about what has been done and what remains. To look forward and see and sense the possibilities that can be written is so stimulating and invigorating, I laugh to myself as I write.

Yes, this the best, when the material is being formulated as its rawest, drawing me in. This is the best, when concerns over story arc, plotting, dialogue, grammar and punctuation, and all the mechanics of writing and editing are cast aside for the sheer unbridled spontaneity of creativity. This is the best. I wish you could be in my mind now and glimpse the profusion of expanding, outrageous ideas, the sort of plotting, concept and character ideas that make the Invisible Reader spying on the process laugh in amazed delight. 

Yes, this is the best, when it's unfettered writing like crazy. I wish everyone could experience such joy.


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Monday, 19 February 2018

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Stephen Evans A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
19 February 2018
High praise! Thank you.
Katherine Gregor A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
18 February 2018
Beckett would be envious.
Stephen Evans A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
05 February 2018
I just realized that the last two posts were plays. How true to the spirit of The Green Room!
Rosy Cole A Visitor to your Planet: A One-Minute Play
04 February 2018
Interesting dynamic. Reflects the popular conception of 'democracy'. (Look at it this way, the US is...
Ken Hartke Flipping the Omelet
01 February 2018
One word: Fritatta

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