Pattern Thinking Mode


Pattern Thinking Mode



Mind can play tricks and imagination only adds fuel to the fire! 

Often, one likes to relive past glory or pain, thus getting into certain pattern mode of thinking, consciously/unconsciously!

If you are depressed or are ruminating longer than required on a tragic occurrence, or an imagined hurt, know that you are in a Pattern Thinking Mode!

Not all, but a set of people suffering from chronic illness or deep depression, tend to create their ambiance in order to nurture the Pattern mode of thinking. They abhor Sunlight and others company. Dimly lit setting helps them to enter certain time zone where they find solace. Music soothes and relaxes. Hence at times its difficult to come out of it. Severe depression may also lead to self-inflicted illness which helps him/her to continue to stay in his conditioned comfort zone. He or she may relive moments of pleasure or pain day after day, like in a movie replay.  Gradually he grows more and more sensitive to his environment as well as to the people around him.  He may not agree to a change of atmosphere or lifestyle.  Illness becomes his/her shield to sustain the imaginary life within. Recovery is slow and stubborn in some cases!

In such a case, recognizing the pattern of thoughts help one to identify the inflicting thought and to not to muse over it for longer than a minute. A word of caution here is, move on and do not dwell on it, lest it spreads like mold.

Being aware of thoughts on its onset; classifying, labeling, sequencing and monitoring ones'  thought process, helps one to recognize how the body reacts to the ongoing thought process.  The keener the observation and refinement the faster the freedom from Configured mode of discerning. The moment the imposing thought is maneuvered one has already taken the first step to transformation towards progress, i.e, be in the present.

A simpler and helpful way to get out of Pattern Thinking Mode is the intake of daily dose of morning Sunlight for ten minutes, besides the morning exercises if one is physically fit.  A change in daily diet and day to day activities also helps. Finding new ways to do things break the Conditioned pattern of thinking.

Yoga everyday helps to activate and cleanse the clogged up energy field thus normalize the over activated Solar Plexus; the seat of pent up emotions.

Come out of your Fort, talk to loved ones. Seek help, while there is still time to be helped out of the conditioned Pattern.

Sumathi Mohan

Yoga Instructor/Pranic Healing Practitioner






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Former Member on Monday, 07 September 2015 05:15

Interesting and useful concept. I like the illustration and the explanation. You seem to have interesting ideas and ways of expressing them.

Interesting and useful concept. I like the illustration and the explanation. You seem to have interesting ideas and ways of expressing them.
Sumathi Chandra Mohan on Tuesday, 08 September 2015 10:01

Thank you Mr. Charles for kind appreciation! Have a nice day!

Thank you Mr. Charles for kind appreciation! Have a nice day! regards. Sumathi
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