Somebody started a stream on Face Book with this line below I just added my thoughts.

Im feeling very needy lately…Maybe because its the holidays..I miss my mom..I will be seeing my daughter this week..But I know whats missing..Unfortunately…Another year without..

We’re all getting that bit older I guess and pain is felt deeper by those who understand life and care about stuff more. It’s dark in December because that’s just the way of the world in the north. Long nights and cold grey skies add to the sorrows in Europe anyhow. That’s why we have the feast and the drinking to help pass the darkness and attempt to bring some light. We have candles and prayer and holy holidays. It’s sad but they the ones we have lost would want us to go on as they did and ours will do after us because it’s what happens we have no call in it. Just be. And do our best is all we can do. Think on them with love and carry on.

I’m afraid I don’t believe in all that stuff that they are watching down over us. More is the pity. I don’t believe in heaven and hell stuff. My father taught me this. And I feel he was the most honest and truest man I knew. I do speak to them but it’s only imagination in my head and heart a memory of things they said and told me. When I am passed they will be lost. And so it goes. I would love a faith like some people have but I just don’t have it. I try to be good. I try to be fair. I try to be honest. Not because it’s a law or God says so but because I feel a need to be so for myself and I feel it to be the right way. Everyday I see evil people getting along so much better than the good thinking folk but I would not really want to be like them. Maybe if the tables were turned and I was desperate cold hungry and scared I would be different. I am no saint I’ve done stuff I’m not proud of but I punish me over that not God. We just have to keep going forward. Help each other if we can. Stay away from those that vex us. Life is so close to death. It’s so very random. One second we have it then it’s gone. It’s random we are here at all. And it’s random when we’re gone. Who lives forever anyway? ( Queen )

There was a bad accident in Glasgow the other day 6 people killed by a rubbish truck. They were just out in the city doing Christmas shopping random came along and they were gone. It’s not fate or God it’s just chaos theory I guess. Terrible sad. Random life and random death but they were people that think and breath and love and cry just like me. It makes me think on stuff. I think too much. I shouldn’t it’s a painful business.

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Virginia M Macasaet on Wednesday, 24 December 2014 23:35

This touched me very deeply. Randomness... of life indeed.

This touched me very deeply. Randomness... of life indeed.
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Friday, 24 November 2017

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