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Sumathi Mohan

We are friends on the net since 2008 but had never met face to face, though we are living in the same country but 1200 km far from each other. I in-boxed ‘Sumathi Mohan’ my old-time redroom.com writer friend about our visit to her city. To my dismay, she told me that she has been shifted to the other southern city with her husband since couple of years. But my disappointment transferred in to delight when I learned that at the same time she is supposed to come there to visit her son.

‘I will be glad if we can meet.’ She told me on the phone.’

 ‘We will meet for the sure.’ I replied, though I was not knowing if it would be possible in such a tight schedule of my five day tour.

To my shock, I learned at the ending part of my tour that she arrived in the city, but had a small accident resulting a fracture in the thumb. ‘Doctor says it will only be possible to fix it after the swelling goes away.’ She sounded pained and disappointed over the phone.

 ‘We must meet her,’ my wife said ‘you never know when you will get a chance again to meet her.’ To give a try I decided to meet her during the last four hours before my return flight. There was a heavy weekday traffic in the pick-time morning hours. After a couple of call exchanges to get true directions we reached at her son’s apartment.

‘Listen carefully, Sir, come back in 45 minutes or you will miss your flight, airport is 36 km from here.’ Cab driver warned us. I nodded to him in an affirmation.

We went upstairs by lift. As soon as I stepped onto the balcony she hurriedly emerged from the door to welcome us. She was smaller in height than I imagined. We hugged each other, there was the warmth of sisterly love in her hug. She hugged my wife and daughter too. We went inside and she introduced us with her son, and would be daughter in law. She looked stressed and fragile, but her face was glowing with high intellect and confidence. As a doctor I couldn’t resist myself by examining her thumb. I also checked X-ray which clearly showed a detached fracture of the first phalanx of the thumb. Her doctor planned to give her a flexible plaster after two days. I knew she was in pain, but was helpless to help her.

'Had it not been for my broken thumb I would have cooked a delicious south Indian dish for all of you.' She regretted. 'Don't feel sorry, meeting you is more valued to us.'I tried to console her.

We talked over a coffee, mainly about our redroom time, about her published book and about the progress of my novel. Time was slipping like a water of the fast flowing river. We took photographs. Exchanging multiple thoughts in so little time was impossible, but we tried to do our best possible. Her son and daughter in law were very generous and loving. I gathered that she is a brave lady living her life on her own, a loving wife and caring mother. While leaving, she came downwards up to the cab to say good-bye forgetting the pain. She shook our hands through the window of the car for the last time, a gesture only a loving friend can display. I am feeling proud meeting her, knowing her, having her as a friend. Thank you Sumathi for allowing us to be in your life to cherish those valuable moments. I wish you a fast recovery, health and happiness.



© Jitu Rajgor

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Former Member
While I read this extremely touching note, my eyes brimmed over and relived those wonderfully blessed moments. Doctor Jitu ji, Yo... Read More
Friday, 28 August 2015 05:50
Jitu C Rajgor
Thank you Sumathi, I am really regretting not spending much time with you.But I enjoyed the every single moment of our meeting. I... Read More
Friday, 28 August 2015 10:03
Former Member
Yes, thank you, recovering quickly.
Friday, 28 August 2015 14:01
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Red traffic light. I stop my car at the crossing under the bright hoarding praising the government’s work. A beggar-woman standing on the divider side rushes to the car window with hope. Little child may be partially dosed with drugs rests on her shoulder. Some flies are resting on his running nose like permanent habitants. Her eyes evaluate the passengers in the rear cabin. My daughter looks at that cute, but unhealthy child on her shoulder. She fumbles for some coins in her purse, rolls down the glass and gives her some. She leaves the window to reach the other car behind. Light is still red. Suddenly a big, Government sponsored hoarding of proposed flyover looks dull to me through the front glass. Finance minister on the radio is boasting for a double digit growth rate increase next year. I see through the rear-view mirror; a beggar’s child opens his sedated eyes for a while only to close it again. Light turns green. I slowly push on the accelerator, still watching them in the mirror. She runs towards the divider side iron-railing, holding coins in her hands. Child goes to sleep again, similarly to my countrymen, who are dosed with the vices of cast-ism, religious apathy and cultural racism. And the white-capped leader is still shouting on the radio about his government’s achievements.

 (Note-photo source internet)


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Rosy Cole
This imagery is so graphic, metaphor so integrated with what is happening, both to observer and observed, that it strikes on every... Read More
Wednesday, 24 June 2015 10:37
Jitu C Rajgor
Thank you Rosy. Will try to post more stories.
Wednesday, 24 June 2015 20:28
Stephen Evans
Thursday, 25 June 2015 03:04
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My best friend.

I know Pat Montandon, a celebrated bestselling author of California and USA,a social worker, 'The Peace Messenger Award' winner and a very famous high society persona of her time, since 2008 via Red Room, a former writers' website. In these six years she has changed my life. She encouraged me to become a writer. She honed my skill by spending her valuable time online whenever I needed help. I found in her an expert teacher, magnificent mentor, adorable elder, loving friend and a perfect soul-mate. Today many writers, book loving persons and noble veterans of other fields know me only because Pat Montandon knows me. I traveled from India to California with my wife Dr.Usha in September 2014 just to meet this legendary lady and to participate in her fifth book launch at Book Passage, San Rafael-SF. She welcomed us heartily to her home and introduced us to her friends. Meeting her was an overwhelming experience for us. We were simply mesmerized by her personality and her down to earth attitude. I want to thank Patsy for being such a wonderful and valued friend to me. With my love and gratitude to her 'Pat Montandon Women's Health Care' was started on 1st January 2015. We will continue offering help to needy women till our strength lasts. I also celebrated her birthday by offering food to poor children.   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pat-Montandon-Womens-Health-Care/1621438708079032?ref=bookmarks                                                                 b2ap3_thumbnail_100_9684-3.JPG         b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC01378.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_10576896_1622391467983756_4311943474715711236_n.jpg

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Rosy Cole
Wonderful tribute, Dr Jitu. Patsy's presence was a bright light of the Red Room, her gifts and demonstrable humanity truly inspiri... Read More
Sunday, 25 January 2015 11:39
Jitu C Rajgor
You are right Rosy, she indeed is.
Sunday, 25 January 2015 20:21
Rosy Cole
Perhaps it's worth adding that Patsy was kind enough to encourage me, too, in the early days of our former venue. She is one of th... Read More
Monday, 26 January 2015 11:00
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