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Everything Matters

It is interesting to note how one is viewed in the eyes of others.

An office staff resigned.

As part of my responsibility I conduct an exit interview.


I always ask typical questions pertaining to the office, workload and the boss.

As manager, I also make it a point to ask how I could do better.

The feedback I received caught me by surprise.


“We appreciate that you ask how we are doing.”

“It was touching to have you pour water into our glasses during our lunch out.”

“You’re like our mother.”


 I was expecting to hear otherwise.

Something like, “the office is too small or the workload is too much.”

 Instead I received an imprint of myself.

Everything a person does matters.

I am a mother of two girls therefore my maternal instincts flow naturally.

I just wanted to make sure the staff was okay each time I left the office.


Oddly enough, I never saw myself the way my staff saw me.

I always felt I wasn’t present enough being available only in the mornings.

I carried guilt that I wasn’t around to lead and support them when needed.


I tend to be strict in everything that I do.

It helps keep me on my toes striving to do better and to be better.

I fear falling into complacency. 


Once that happens, then I lose perspective of my goals.

To hear that I am valued the way my staff sees me is heartwarming.

It’s a good reminder to always try to lead by example.


This is different from being top of the corporate ladder.

My worth is not measured against money rather on moral ethics.

I always remind my girls,


 “Leave a positive footprints wherever you go and whatever you do.”


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Rosy Cole
You're so right, Rina. Everything does matter. To fall into complacency is to lose humility and destroy creativity. Strangely, th... Read More
Sunday, 30 November 2014 16:53
Robert Burns said (if I can remember the middle English, Scottish dialect), O, wod some gift the giftie gie us To see oursel's as... Read More
Sunday, 30 November 2014 21:56
Virginia M Macasaet
humbling and quite nice!
Sunday, 30 November 2014 22:09
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Wishing on Stars



I was looking up while walking.

Tripped, fell and hurt my ankle.


I admit I dream about you often.

I imagine you wherever I go.

Bumping into you in the oddest places.


Sometimes I think I hear you too.

You say things only I can understand.

You stare like I am the only one you see.


We go places together.

Your hand locked in mine.

You come closer and I hold your face.


A kind doctor approached and advised.

”Take 8 pills of Advil to bring down the swelling.”


Become real and stay.

I’ve waited long enough.

Now is the time.


One look and I will smile.

A glance in return and you will know.

Then I’ll sit and wait for your approach.


For now I’ll close my eyes and be with you.

As you make your way to come and meet me.

I already know who you are.


I sat on the couch with an ice pack on my foot.

I looked up and there you were staring right in front of me.

Recent Comments
I like this best of all your things I've read. My own honest proclivities seem to be toward words that go inside, come from the un... Read More
Saturday, 20 December 2014 04:31
Virginia M Macasaet
You assumed exactly what my thoughts are... it's liberating to be able to write without guard. The painting is my witty version ... Read More
Saturday, 20 December 2014 05:06
What's the painting?
Saturday, 20 December 2014 04:34
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From Rocks to Angels




Find God and find truth.

Worthy advise I picked up from doctrine.


Lonely and self-absorbed, recover your soul.

Pope Francis was referring to Europe.


I thought his words applied to people too.

Sometimes it’s difficult to come to terms with these things.


 “Not everyone can comprehend things at your speed mom.”

My daughter reminded me.


Yes I know.

Finding forgiveness and putting closure is not always a quick fix.


From deep down the gutter to way up in the sky,

I truly believe rocks can turn into Angels.

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Courage and Shame


It started with one voice and now fifteen similar accounts of horror to tell.

On the other side stands a man in silence.

At this late stage in life a buried past comes alive.


Scary and awful fate to deal with when one should be enjoying the fruits of life.

Karma spares no one and will collect at any given moment it can.

Who cares that one is on his deathbed or at the height of fame.


When it’s time to pay, it’s time to pay.

I feel for all men and women of rape.

And I feel for all men and women trapped in rage and anger.


There is no winner.

Everyone ends up a victim.

And everyone ends up paying a high price.


What’s the moral of the story?

There are so many lessons to learn.

Not one story is bigger than the other.


I look back at my childhood.

Could anything have been different?

Life is the way it is.

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