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Thanksgiving this year happened on Sunday, a week early.

Last year it happened on a Saturday night.

Thanksgiving is not an official holiday where I live.

There’s work and school making it difficult to celebrate on Thursday.


Thanksgiving arrived extra early for me this year.

I received an unexpected phone call with favorable news.

I worry about the girls in the event sudden death takes their father away.

My girls fear legal battles.


Who wants to be caught up in mess at the time of death anyway?

He has a plan and asked me what my take was on his plan.

I gave my two cents worth.

“Don’t worry, I’m taking care of that now.”


Those were good words to hear!

I too have a plan just in case.

Everything may not be in perfect order but it’s in place.

“In the event I should die ahead of you, just speak to my sisters.”


It always takes two to tangle and untangle.

I have been very blessed with avoiding mess.

All it takes is one evil mind.

Thank God heaven has always reigned.


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I'll Figure Something Out

I always do.

It’s my solution from worrying.


Sometimes I throw it out in the open.

It comes back all sorted out.


The easy things I can fix quickly.

A running toilet or loose knob is simple.


Sorting and organizing are just as easy.

All you really need is a plan to work with and arrange accordingly.


My daughter’s friend is devastated from a break up.

It’s been the topic of conversation lately.


It’s hard to be a friend to someone who is closed up.

Pain and anger distort one’s perception.


My daughter has been asking for help.

"What do I do, mom?”


What can you do?

People are not an easy fix.


First of all, it’s not our duty to fix them.

We fix ourselves but we don’t fix others.


Unless it’s a sprained ankle or a bruise…

Then you can help by lending a hand or give ice for the bump.


Not everyone has the skill or know-how to fix themselves.

It’s been tough witnessing my daughter’s friend’s pain.


It’s hard to see clearly when one is at the center of the storm.

Looking from the outside, we can suggest all kinds of remedies.


But in the end, it’s theirs to fix and not ours.

I hope she figures something out soon.


Everyday there’s always things that crop up unexpectedly.

I’m sure I’ll figure something out.


I always do.




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Stephen Evans
There used to be a genre that you don't see much anymore - Pascal's Pensees, Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. These pieces of your ... Read More
Friday, 21 November 2014 04:24
Virginia M Macasaet
I always learn something new from you! I looked up the names... I think I'm an old soul....
Friday, 21 November 2014 05:23
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Things that make me PAUSE

An earthquake.

Whether it’s an honest to goodness earthquake happening or just an earthquake happening in your life, somehow you pause, you stop and you think… is this the big one or just another passing turbulence?


Death in real life or death of a chapter in your life… it’s all the same. Intense, nerve wrecking and life altering, the experience not only moves, but it transforms you and humbles you.

Spring Cleaning.

Light hearted as the task may seem, there lies a deeper meaning for why we spring clean. It’s to weed out the old, the non-essentials and to let go. Whether it’s letting go of junk or memorabilia, whether is shedding old skin to allow for new skin to regenerate, or even parting with old ways to make room for growth, there is good reason behind why spring-cleaning makes me pause.

Beef Stew.

It’s a process to make beef stew. It takes a while for the meat to soften and then adding in the vegetables allowing for a continuous slow cooking process until all the ingredients are nicely done. It’s not like frying steak that cooks in minutes. Beef Stew can take hours in a day thus calling for that moment while stirring and cooking to pause and think in silence. Between the stockpot and my thoughts, they all go quietly into the moment of making stew. If it’s good stew then my thoughts reveal that I am in a happy place.


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Human strength and determination.

A mindset to succeed.


I went for a run last night.

It was nice with the cool breeze.


My thoughts were fixed on willpower.

Keep running, keep on going.


There is no failure and giving up is not an option.

Get to the finish line with firmness beating all odds.


Running clears my mind.

It reminds me that to everything there is a finish line.


I need something to be good at.

It helps me to keep doing something good.




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