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Whisper to the Wind

Call it out in silence. It helps.

A cool breeze will come your way.


Whisper gently.  Let your thoughts out in the open.

No one can hear you except the wind.


Say nothing, just close your eyes and let it go.

Feel the moment and then embrace what comes.


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The Other Side of the Mirror


Stories don’t mean anything if you have no one to share them with.

Crossing the river is no fun without anyone to hold your hand.

Climbing a mountain makes it more worthwhile when someone is there to receive you at the top.

You don’t really know what I’ve been through because you weren’t there to listen to my stories or to hold my hand.

So even if you feel I was made for you my smile was meant only for the mirror.


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Rosy Cole
You express it so least as I understand it. When we have come through extremes of suffering, priorities and values c... Read More
Tuesday, 11 November 2014 09:52
Virginia M Macasaet
Thanks Rosy! Always so enlightening to hear from you, so full of wisdom... Read More
Tuesday, 11 November 2014 10:22
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Note to Myself


When something good comes around it’s nice to share a slice of cake. 

Sometimes there just isn’t anyone around to jump with you or laugh with you. 

So you think twice in making that approach to offer cake and instead sit in silence and take it all in piece by piece.

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Friday Fruit


I love bananas!

Why is it that bananas bruise easily?

Just like strawberries, they quickly fall prey to rotting.


I bought a bundle of Cavendish bananas.

They looked well and in good shape.

A day after my daughter asked, ”what happened to the bananas?”


Puzzled I took a look and saw that portions had gone bad.

“Oh, the stems look like they have a disease.”

I was fooled!


On the outside they look firm and happy.

I couldn’t tell that the stems were already bruised.

“Not to worry, I’ll cut off the stems so the rest don’t get sick.”


I have apples sitting in the fridge for weeks now and not a sign of decay.

They get bumped and moved around and still they remain intact.

I have to be careful when storing bananas in the fridge.


They don’t do too well in artificial cold.

They end up turning black even though they’re still good to eat.

Bananas are deceiving.


When you think they’re well, they are actually not.

They are clever!

Disguised in black on the outside but white and well on the inside.


Strawberries can never fool anyone.

Once they’re bruised, they turn pale and limp.

No matter how pretty its tops with leaves, a bruise in its body limps them.


It’s going to be a happy Friday.

I’m booked for coffee with my daughters.

Forget about spoiled bananas!







Recent Comments
Barbara Froman
How delightful! Love it!
Friday, 07 November 2014 23:17
Stephen Evans
A very tricky fruit. But the black ones make good banana bread. So I hear.
Saturday, 08 November 2014 03:34
Virginia M Macasaet
You are quite right Stephen! Again, they disguise themselves wonderfully. Once mashed and thrown into the batter, no one will ev... Read More
Saturday, 08 November 2014 23:47
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