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A Special Comb

I bought a comb for my father today.

I was attracted to what it looked like.

The comb looked very special on display.


I asked the clerk what was special about the comb.

She replied, “It’s made from ox horn.”

I picked it up and combed my hair.


“According to Chinese Traditional Medicine, the horn of goats is used to treat blood disorders. This type of comb helps reduce hair breakage, hair fall and reduces the sprouting of gray or white hair. Not only that, horn combs can help in alleviating neurasthenia (fatigue, anxiety, listlessness), fever and rheumatism, lower blood pressure and detoxify.”

I understood the high cost of the comb.

It’s 100% handmade from natural materials.

I thought it was a beautiful gift to give to my father.


“Wooden and horn combs represent smooth relationships and sensitivity to others. It is widely believed that giving your loved ones such present is another way of saying that you wish them to be successful in their endeavors in life, to be filled with happiness, to be in good health and to have a harmonious family relationship. Our combs also signify love, affection, one's longing and a hope of spending a lifetime together with your partner. “


I sent my daughter off to bring the comb to him.

“Tell him to comb his hair before he goes to bed, it will relax him and make him sleep better.”

The color of the bone material was deep purple; it’s form quite unique.


I remember my nanny who brushed my hair at night just before bed.

I felt loved and cared for deeply.

I hope dad feels the same love and affection when he combs his hair.


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Rosy Cole
A beautiful and thoughtful gift for frequent use, symbolising so much that is gentle, harmonious and healing. I have a bamboo ha... Read More
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 16:26
Sue Martin Glasco
Loved reading you again for the first time in quite awhile. This was very interesting gift, and Rosy summed it up so well in her f... Read More
Thursday, 30 October 2014 03:50
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A Year Ago Today

Time flies and time heals.

Knitting brought me great comfort.

I didn’t have the energy to run.


Time had to pass.

I had to allow myself to do what I felt I needed to do.

Knitting seemed like nothing but the knits and purls soothed.


I stopped running abruptly.

My body needed a break.

I needed to be lazy for a while.


How uncanny is the timing of things.

Suddenly I ran out of knitting projects.

I woke up today with the determination to run again.


And then I remembered a year ago today.

I made my run to the song blasting on my iPod, Titanium.

I am back!  No fear and ready to roll.


I had a fall but nothing was lost really.

It took me a while to get back on my feet.

I am fine now and even better I am well!

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Blame it on the Moon


It’s been months now since I returned from my last trip.

The fault lies in Venice Beach and Santa Monica!

I had such a great time waking up to nothing, I haven’t gotten back to exercise.


And then my daughter’s school schedule changed.

Saturday morning duty has taken over morning runs.

Not to mention late night knitting.


And now the blood moon and mercury in retrograde.

The solar system has contributed to making life difficult for me.

My energy is zapped and I can’t seem to jump-start myself.


I need to get back on track with running.

I should stop the munching on chips and cake.

And I do need to get my discipline back for writing.


Damn internet connection has been bogged down for days now.

Having no signal at home has not enticed me to hang out at the coffee shop.

I need good coffee and not just wifi.


Oh the weather has been a damper too!

When it rains, it pours and the streets get flooded.

Why would I want to go out when the weather is uncooperative?


I’ve been cruising around and taking it easy for months now.

Much as I hate to admit it, I am actually loving the moment.

I like that it’s dragging along and I feel no pressure at all.


Mercury retrograde happens only three times a year.

I don’t really know how often the moon changes color.

And I am certainly not to blame for enjoying the stillness amidst the chaos!


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Observations at a Dialysis Center


At least once I week I visit dad at the center.

I always take a deep breath before walking in.

Looking around makes me stop and think.


As I walk inside my pace slows down.

It’s actually chaotic with the staff milling around.

I slow down observing the faces of those in dialysis.


Elderly faces, a few younger ones and not an empty cubicle.

Some sit alone, others have company but all doing the same thing.

That is, waiting for time to pass.


I greet dad and ask how he’s doing.

Then I look at the machine to see how much longer.

An hour and a half to go sounds quick but waiting always takes it’s toll.


I drew the curtain open today and sat by the corner.

Looking around the elderly was fast asleep.

A younger man caught my attention.


I wondered if he usually sits alone during his treatments.

I thought to myself, it must be lonesome sitting and waiting for time to pass.

I look at dad and his caregiver by his side at his beck and call.


Still dad is lonesome.

I take a short walk and bring latte for them.

A small treat for dad and his caregiver, it was nice to see them smile.


I brought extra sugar knowing dad likes his coffee sweet.

I have a long list of errands to do and I get fidgety at my seat.

I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it is to keep still for hours.


Dad gets fidgety.  He sits up and then lies down.

When nature calls, it can turn into a major production.

Timing is key in holding him up and sitting him down.


The caregiver seems to have his system in place.

I am in awe at how the process looks so simple.

I am at a loss for words not knowing where to put myself.


I help by holding on to the tubes so they don’t get in the way.

What about the man without help?

Thoughts run inside my head and it tires me.


“Okay dad, I gotta go.  You have an hour left, get some sleep.”

Never fails.  I leave with my head bowed down.

There simply aren’t enough words to say to shorten the waiting time.


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Stephen Evans
It is so difficult to see loved ones go through something like this. I used to visit a friend at her dialysis sessions. She would ... Read More
Tuesday, 30 September 2014 01:00
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