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Life and GOD


There is no right formula for Life except to live it well as can be.

Living well has no formula either.

It is unique to every individual and without judgement.


My sister has stage 4 cancer.

She ate very well, a vegetarian and conscious eater for many years.

There were bad moments in her younger years but those habits stopped when she made a decision to come clean.


My father is 94 years old.  He has been in dialysis for 7 years now.

He’s practically outlived most of his good friends.

He has surpassed the life span of dialysis which usually works up to 5 years.


My good friend Anette was only 44 years old when she passed away.

She was an amazingly good hearted and good natured person.

Although she had a weak heart and was on dialysis as she had lost both her kidneys.

She’s had a few close calls with life before she eventually passed away.


So, I ask myself, “what is the right formula for life?”

Eat well, live a healthy lifestyle?  Be a good person with a good attitude? 


My father, being a doctor of medicine, ate everything that was not good for the body but to date shows no sign of giving up on life.

My sister fights for her life everyday as she battles cancer.  It’s like walking on eggs every single day.

My friend never stood a fighting chance when her heart caved in on her.  She suffered and struggled for months.


As I put the year 2020 to a close, I asked myself, “what is the right formula for life?”

I don’t have an answer to this question, however, there is only one thing I know for sure.

That is, placing GOD in the center of my life, every single day that I begin and end my days.

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Rosy Cole
I had a very close call myself, healthwise, earlier this year, Rina, and by nothing less than a miracle of prayer came through for... Read More
Tuesday, 14 December 2021 13:51
Rosy Cole
I so wish you and yours a blessed Christmas Season in all your struggles. We can be surprised by Joy even in the dark times. I did... Read More
Tuesday, 14 December 2021 16:22
Virginia M Macasaet
Thank you Rosy for your kind words. It feels good to be back home in this safe space. My father continues to surprise us all, in... Read More
Tuesday, 14 December 2021 21:35
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God's Light Shines!


A year later since the pandemic, so much still happening.

Situations test one’s patience.


Every day, for me at least, is a work in progress, keeping calm and mindful.

The doorbell rang.

Toto the gardener asked to speak to me.


I came down to meet him and he showed me a bicycle.


Since the pandemic, Toto has had challenges commuting home.

One morning he mentioned to me that he was looking for a bicycle.

I told him I’d see what I can do.


Quite frankly, I didn’t put much time into trying to look for one.

I forgot all about our conversation! 


Alas! He finally found one that was being sold to him for $50.


Toto then expressed that he didn’t have the money to pay for the bicycle.

I asked him to wait while I headed back to get the cash.


I thought to myself, how blessed I am!

To be able to pay kindness forward at a very low price.

The reward is a hundredfold!


Toto gets to go home to see his family.

And for me, a day well accomplished!

God’s light shines and illuminates!

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Rosy Cole
Yes! #LetTheLightShine. It can change everything! ?
Tuesday, 14 December 2021 13:44
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I got lost! 

Unable to recall where I missed the turn.


It’s been two years.

A lot of changes that took me wandering off in different avenues.


Suddenly I wake up remembering something green.

Green grass?  But I haven’t traveled in two years!


Forgetfulness snaps out!

It’s Green Room!


Forgetfulness snaps back in.

I have to look for my password.


I found it!

I’m back in this room!


I can now continue from where I left off.

Two long years ago….

Recent Comments
Rosy Cole
Welcome back, Rina! So great to see you! And thanks for sharing your wonderful artwork in all three posts. We are privileged, for ... Read More
Tuesday, 14 December 2021 13:40
Virginia M Macasaet
Glad to be back in this safe space Rosy!
Tuesday, 14 December 2021 21:40
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Finally Landed!

Yes!  I am ready.

Finally cut the cord.

Made that leap of faith.


When it’s right it will feel right.

No explanation necessary.

Walk away from the confining four walls.


What’s next?

The ocean is wide!

Dive in and explore.



There is no holding me back.

I’ve procrastinated long enough.

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