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This and That


WHATEVER has been left unsaid is this and that.

You don’t push it.  You just have to feel your way through it and around it.


WHEREVER the wind shifts, you follow.

If there’s no wind, you wait.


WHENEVER this happens, stay silent. 

Meanwhile, inhale CUMIN.  The Italians believe it brings peace of mind.


This can last a while so you just need to allow time for this and that.

Whatever, Wherever, Whenever.

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Ron. Lavalette
Whenever anything happens, remain silent. Always good advice.
Thursday, 14 August 2014 11:17
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The Way It Is

The time was not too long ago.

It came as a surprise and left unexpectedly.


Pure thoughts put many a smile on the pretty face.

But that was then.


Every day was a field of flowers in bloom.

Every evening was a sunset to remember.

And the time in between was spent gazing at the clear blue sky.


That was then.

Though thoughts of that time not too long ago still bring a smile on the pretty face…


That’s all it is.  


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Stephen Evans
The delicate phrasing of your posts is always so appealing. Suits my minimalist leanings I guess ... Read More
Sunday, 10 August 2014 23:03
Orna Raz
So beautiful and sad
Monday, 11 August 2014 13:55
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Just a Reminder

Be happy.  Stay well.

Look up.  Look forward.


Sometimes failure is necessary to find the essential truth.

Come clean.  Let go of the baggage.

Stay centered.  Keep busy.


It’s just a reminder…

Rest easy.  Sleep well.

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Remember the cool breeze of the mountains and the garlands of flowers that line up the market stalls.

Remember the second month of the year.  It was an ordinary month but felt like a leap year.

Remember the big picture even with eyes closed.

 It’s everlasting.

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