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A Tender Moment of Confusion

Surprisingly, even with Dementia, dad still has moments of lucidness.

I am lucky and grateful to be able to catch these moments.

Most of the time he is asleep.


No more than a few minutes does he wake to the present moment.

When he does, it’s always one for the books.

Today was a confusing but tender moment with dad.


His vision may be impaired but the rest of his senses remain intact.

Sitting by his side in silence, I held his hand and combed his hair.

As I bade him farewell, I stroked my fingers gently across his chest to his shoulder.


My intention was to tidy up his shirt.

He must have felt the touch in a funny way.

Immediately he brushed off his chest with his hand getting rid of whatever he felt was crawling.


Lo and behold! He spoke out and said, “get rid of that cockroach!”

I held my laughter and chuckled in silence!

What he imagined as a cockroach crawling on his chest was actually a tender moment for me.


“I love you Dad, sleep well.”

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Stephen Evans
Moments like that are a a treasure.
Tuesday, 08 March 2022 21:53
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Life and Responsibility

Taking care of a pet is like taking care of a child.

It requires time, dedication and a support system.


Just like with family, when mom is out dad steps in.

Or eldest child mans the fort.


Daughter was all alone with Tenten.

She has a full time online work schedule.


But she wanted company and a dog.

When Tenten arrived, I saw the sparkle in her face.


I too got excited and warmed up quickly to Tenten.

A week gone by…


Daughter was struggling all alone.

She had sleepless nights just like a mother nursing a newborn.


Reality set in.

Being a mother of sorts is a big leap.


It’s a full-time job and a major responsibility in life.

A pet or a child, the responsibilities are the same.


Inoculations, bathing time, meals, exercise and overall care.

I marvel at how single mothers can take care of everyone and everything without support!


We found a loving family who took in Tenten.

We packed up her things including brand new stuff I had just bought.


We bade farewell to Tenten as we dropped her off in her new home.

Minutes later I received a video from her adoptive family.


Tenten was happy and puttering around.

I lost a  puppy child all too soon but seeing her happy in her new home is a relief.


A relief for daughter no. 2.

She’s at the starting point of her career and focus with self and work is necessary.


It’s a priority if one wants to succeed in life.

It’s necessary if one has to put food on the table and pay bills.


Daughter no. 2 moved out with responsibilities to face.

She is learning and realizing the importance of priorities.


As a single mother, I am truly proud of how she was raised.

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Her name is Tenten.

She keeps daughter no. 2 company since she moved out.


I’ve made a few changes.

Spruced up her room and turned it into a day lounge room.


I like that I have an extra room to chill in.

However, I do find myself feeling melancholy.


I’ve been able to visit her once a week.

It is evident she is happy and settled in her new space.


Mother and daughter relationship has greatly improved.

I am sensing the move out has opened up realizations for her.


It’s all good, I feel that she’s made the right choice.

She smiles more, converses more with me and overall the mood is light.


With Tenten there to keep her company, I worry less.

Her boyfriend lives around the corner, for me that’s a plus too.


The move out and the new dog has certainly made me feel vulnerable.

A lot of silent emotions creeping up inside of me.


At times, I feel the tears want to gush out.

But there is still a bit of resistance to letting it all go.


Something good is definitely happening to me in my journey.

Not quite sure what it is.

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Daughter no. 2 is moving out today.

I’m not sure what I am feeling.


She has plans for herself.

Starting off with living independently.


I welcome her plans.

She is focused and head strong.


I feel happy for her determination to be independent.

I welcome the loosening of space within my space.


But… there is a but…

I’m not sure what it is.


I think I will only begin to decode my feelings when she’s gone.

I’m helping her move in to her new place.


Only a few minutes away, but still…

This means one less head coming home each night.


Just me and daughter no. 1.

Nothing wrong really, it’s actually all good.


I’m just not sure what I am feeling.

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Stephen Evans
Changes on both sides, father and daughter. Not easy to deal with. As fearful as they make us, we celebrate them too - the essence... Read More
Saturday, 15 January 2022 16:15
Rosy Cole
There's great wisdom and peace in living 'in the moment'. Not everything needs a label. GB x
Wednesday, 19 January 2022 13:43
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