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A Kind Heart

My dentist, Dr. Lee fills me with his kindness.

Genuine human kindness.


He takes his sweet time, conversing while working on my teeth.

When done, he continues on chatting and sharing stories.


He doesn’t rush. 

I find myself rushing to get out, but with Dr. Lee talking, it’s hard to end the session abruptly.


I’ll bet he spaces his patients with more than enough time in between for conversation.

The warmth he exudes is so genuine and deeply humbles me.


I felt this need to write about him as this allows me to celebrate his kindness.

My sisters and my daughter say the same thing about him.


“Dr. Lee is the best!  He is such a kind man.”

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Getting to the End of the Line?

Can I please have your hand?

Thank you.


Tears well in my eyes.

There is no adjective to describe how grateful I am to have blessed moments with dad.

Every visit is a bonus. 


Though it’s like ground hog day with every visit,

He no longer talks much except to ask for one’s hand to hold.

Every visit though no more than a couple of hours is always a fulfilling moment. 



He listens to his favorite tango music that keeps him calm and lighthearted.

Lately, he’s been looking for mom again.


It’s been 12 years since mom passed away.

Makes me wonder if he’s getting himself ready to let go...

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Stephen Evans
Sounds like presence and touch is all he needs now. Blessed indeed in this time of transition.
Tuesday, 28 December 2021 14:14
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Weeping Soul

What happens when one dies with unresolved issues?

What happens when the heart stops beating while still yearning for answers?


I worry about my father’s soul.

Dementia took him back to a not so good moment in his late life.


He was looking for mom and looking for answers.

Answers that only mom knew in her heart.


I do believe that mom eventually passed in peace.

One morning she took her last breath and that was it.


I worry about dad because he cries yearning for understanding.

I try to tell him it happened decades ago and that mom is now in heaven.


But he refuses to accept it.

“Rina, help me to understand.”


This is hard for me because I dare not speak for mom.

I try to divert his attention to the present moment.


He continues to weep in anguish.

This has brought me sleepless nights.


I think about his soul and pray that it doesn’t linger when that day comes.

To carry a broken heart to one’s death is heavy.


One can brush it off as a dementia moment.

However, I do not for one moment believe it’s dementia talking.


Dad carried his burdens with dignity.

In this last stretch his vulnerability finally breaks open.


Oh! how he loved mom.

But unable to let go of that moment that happened a long time ago….

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Finding TRUTH



If there is one thing I am learning about ageing, it’s finding your truth.

Things seem clearer to me now.


Looking back, lots of humps and challenges smack you in the face.

All part of bringing you closer to your truth.


The cycle repeats and at that moment it does get very exasperating to deal with.

I understand now that life just wants to be certain that you are moving one step closer to your truth.


People, places, situations all have a part to play in leading you to your truth.

Let go of the self-pity and self-blame and no need to point the finger elsewhere.


It just is what it is.

That is, finding you truth.


You will know when it’s time to go.

Truth just has a way of waking you up, leading you to what your life is meant to be.


And that saying, “the truth will set you free”.

Believe it!  Because it is TRUE!

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Stephen Evans
Good for you - I'm still looking for mine!
Wednesday, 22 December 2021 00:52
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