Stephen Evans

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Stephen is a playwright and author of The Marriage of True Minds and A Transcendental Journey.

Time and Chance

I returned and saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor riches to those with knowledge, nor favor to those with skill; but time and chance happen to all.

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Rosy Cole
And there is so much Hope and possibility of renewal and discovery encapsulated in those sentiments... How we embrace the challeng... Read More
Thursday, 10 November 2016 11:16
Stephen Evans
I agree - time to get to work.
Thursday, 10 November 2016 12:53
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The Big Reveal

The leaves are fading fast now, falling in waves and beginning to shower the ground in brown.




The colors are dim this year, I suppose because  the rain was limited. The connection between water and color is a mysterious one, an algorithm I cannot fathom, except to say that just enough, at just the right time, is a condition of brilliance.




But one thing I do appreciate about the leafless trees is the revelation of structure. I have long been fascinated by this, drawn to something elemental in the vision. I wonder why each tree happened to grow in that unique and complex way - what combination of water, wind, heredity and happenstance has led to this specific existential architecture.


Are any trees identical? Some like aspen are genetically so, since a grove is often really one tree connected at the root level (root suckering it is called). But even so, each aspen sprout seems slightly different, leans left or right, from or to some unknown attractor. 



My favorites are the trees at night, dark grey trunks and branches barely revealed against the deeper sky. On a clear night, the stars shine between the branches, as though the leaves have been reincarnated as celestial bodies.


Maybe that's what winter is for, to drop the veneer and let the heaven show through. 

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Katherine Gregor
I really enjoyed this. I love trees. And I love autumn and winter. It's when I feel renewed, at one with myself and consequentl... Read More
Friday, 28 October 2016 08:18
Stephen Evans
Autumn is one of my favorites too - so much beauty here in Maryland, usually - just not this year. Winter I have to admit has sta... Read More
Saturday, 29 October 2016 03:18
Ken Hartke
Great post The TV weather guys are busy telling us where the best fall colors are. The few Aspens we can see up on the mountain ... Read More
Friday, 28 October 2016 16:29
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To Me, Sitting Here

My house is warm. The breeze is soft,

enough keep my hopes aloft,

yet do no harm. Think of all

the children who will never fall

on such soft ground as I have been

so fortunate to, say it, win

in this worldly lottery,


I tell myself. Could I do less

Than offer without reticence

a thought that may to action grow

and say “will you get up and go

And help someone in some small way?

Though who will notice, none can say.

Start there, hopefully.”

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Rosy Cole
Lovely reflection. It doesn't matter if no one notices. It's good karma, for want of a better word. It changes us for the better, ... Read More
Tuesday, 11 October 2016 17:24
Rosy Cole
When I first read this poem, a small (intended) trip in the scansion reminded me of something else and I couldn't put my finger on... Read More
Wednesday, 12 October 2016 22:55
Stephen Evans
Yes! very good. I borrowed from one of my favorites: ... Read More
Thursday, 13 October 2016 15:56
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Winter Sky

To live aboard in winter is not so

Easy. Nothing stems the frigid flow

And cold creeps in from stern to bow

And hail is hell on bright work, as is snow.

Yet here I am, with no place else to go.


Ice has calmed the waves, and I remain

Frozen in this fragile brittle plain,

Afraid to move, or never move again.

The bulkhead groans from the relentless strain

Of closure, of entrapment, in the main.


But still in winter is the yielding sky

That holds more stars than I can wonder why.


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Rosy Cole
These are images arising from your Nordic ancestral roots, I don't doubt. But you've articulated some fears and frustrations of th... Read More
Friday, 23 September 2016 22:47
Stephen Evans
My brother Michael lived on a boat for years, and he once told me (or more than once) how cold it gets on the water in winter. Man... Read More
Friday, 23 September 2016 23:16
Katherine Gregor
Very beautiful poem. Evocative. I recently finished translating a brilliant book by Sylvain Tesson, called BEREZINA. The autho... Read More
Tuesday, 27 September 2016 07:48
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13 January 2020
Beautifully said, Rosy. Cheers to you. X
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04 January 2020
Thank you! It was! Glad you enjoyed! :-)
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Thanks, Stephen. And a fabulous 2020 to you.
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Stunning - what a wonderful p;lace to celebrate Christmas.
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Congratulations on completing your research and best wishes for your next adventure!