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Uprooted !


I'm a Tree

I'm a Tree that could never grow roots deep into the Earth. I flew with the wind and landed in places far and wide. It waS the same as a seed and when I was a plant. Always uprooted and replanted. I didn't wither when the drought hit hard on my face. When I drowned in the flood of tears, my leaves managed to breathe. I laughed with the children when they pulled my ears and teased at my tears. I am still a tree uprooted and replanted, every now and then! There I smell the air, feel the wind, plunge into the soil, raise my arm heavenward and wonder at the Wonderland! I see life, I see death, I move on when I am sad. I do not make things happen, I cannot, I'm a Tree. Despite odds I grew, a life full of adventure; thrilled at the heights and the depths of fligh,. held tightly to my breath, Keep breathing! I am alive so I am a Tree! Hope you enjoyed breathing as a Tree!

Sumathi Mohan

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Jitu C Rajgor
Breathing as a tree, we all do.Loving.
Saturday, 14 May 2016 10:00
Sumathi Chandra Mohan
Thank you Bhaiji ... Read More
Saturday, 14 May 2016 10:13
Rosy Cole
Trees, the lungs of the world! Lovely metaphor for human life, too.
Saturday, 14 May 2016 12:16
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Garden Green - Effective Vermin composting

The earth-worms had multiplied to several in number through my first time composting. This is good news for me as I can start Vermin-Composting! For that purpose, use a Medium size Waste bin; perforate it, for aeration. Do drill, as many holes, under and around the bin. Then dump a little soil at the bottom of the bin, fill it with organic waste, vegetable or fruit peels, dry grass, dry leaves, twigs, weed, bits of Newspaper, card board etcetera. Also add a little of compost to give Vermin-composting a kick start! The compost contains micro organisms. Mix the soil components well. Gently drop 4 to 5 Earth-worms; more if available then add a top layer of ordinary soil, before you close the bin with a lid and keep it away for composting for a minimum of two months. Prior to adding the compost and other soil mix, for potted plants, clear the soil of weed, stones and added waste. Let the soil dry in the Sun for a day.

Sumathi Mohan

11.06 am
Oct 6, 2015

Vermin-composting, in kitchen gardenVermin-composting, in kitchen garden
Organic Compost after two months, made of vegetable and fruit peels, fruit peels,egg shells, dry grass etc.



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Pattern Thinking Mode


Pattern Thinking Mode



Mind can play tricks and imagination only adds fuel to the fire! 

Often, one likes to relive past glory or pain, thus getting into certain pattern mode of thinking, consciously/unconsciously!

If you are depressed or are ruminating longer than required on a tragic occurrence, or an imagined hurt, know that you are in a Pattern Thinking Mode!

Not all, but a set of people suffering from chronic illness or deep depression, tend to create their ambiance in order to nurture the Pattern mode of thinking. They abhor Sunlight and others company. Dimly lit setting helps them to enter certain time zone where they find solace. Music soothes and relaxes. Hence at times its difficult to come out of it. Severe depression may also lead to self-inflicted illness which helps him/her to continue to stay in his conditioned comfort zone. He or she may relive moments of pleasure or pain day after day, like in a movie replay.  Gradually he grows more and more sensitive to his environment as well as to the people around him.  He may not agree to a change of atmosphere or lifestyle.  Illness becomes his/her shield to sustain the imaginary life within. Recovery is slow and stubborn in some cases!

In such a case, recognizing the pattern of thoughts help one to identify the inflicting thought and to not to muse over it for longer than a minute. A word of caution here is, move on and do not dwell on it, lest it spreads like mold.

Being aware of thoughts on its onset; classifying, labeling, sequencing and monitoring ones'  thought process, helps one to recognize how the body reacts to the ongoing thought process.  The keener the observation and refinement the faster the freedom from Configured mode of discerning. The moment the imposing thought is maneuvered one has already taken the first step to transformation towards progress, i.e, be in the present.

A simpler and helpful way to get out of Pattern Thinking Mode is the intake of daily dose of morning Sunlight for ten minutes, besides the morning exercises if one is physically fit.  A change in daily diet and day to day activities also helps. Finding new ways to do things break the Conditioned pattern of thinking.

Yoga everyday helps to activate and cleanse the clogged up energy field thus normalize the over activated Solar Plexus; the seat of pent up emotions.

Come out of your Fort, talk to loved ones. Seek help, while there is still time to be helped out of the conditioned Pattern.

Sumathi Mohan

Yoga Instructor/Pranic Healing Practitioner






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Former Member
Interesting and useful concept. I like the illustration and the explanation. You seem to have interesting ideas and ways of expres... Read More
Monday, 07 September 2015 05:15
Sumathi Chandra Mohan
Thank you Mr. Charles for kind appreciation! Have a nice day! regards. Sumathi
Tuesday, 08 September 2015 10:01
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Garden Green

Passion is what one enjoys doing, be it at work or at leisure!

Though gardening being one of my passions, I had got less time and opportunity to practice it. Of recent, I have spent about three months to practice this passion which drew me closer to the functioning of the wonders of Nature. To begin with, on my home terrace I started my little vegetable garden.

Nothing great about it! Any one could say that but that's not my favorite point of expression, as I raise my tiny little garden.

I had neither a flower pot nor the soil when an idea sowed itself in my mind to spend my free time to bear fruits. Five Grow bags, coco soil and a few seeds was all I had bought from a nearby Botanical garden to begin with. This was going to be my trial and error to raise a garden without using mud. After three days I was delighted to see the fenugreek seeds sprout. In a couple of weeks I had a rich harvest. The aroma of fresh leaves filled my kitchen! Tasted Yummy! Inspired, I began to extend my garden. Thus ten grow bags had beans, bitter gourd, snake gourd and spinach by regular watering and weeding, spinach grew quickly; they needed to be transplanted. I got five more bags and transplanted them giving them enough room to grow and yield well.

Every morning I would run upstairs and greet my new friends lovingly. Good morning Darlings! Sitting next to them, watering them, clearing the weeds gave me a sense of joy that was delicious! I began my research to get a better yield. To keep it pest free, I used a mixture of soap water and four pearls of crushed garlic and sprayed, it worked well. The ants and fungus were kept at bay. Within a couple of months, the leafy vegetables were ready for harvest. The beans flowered within a month and I plucked around ten beans from a single plant on my first harvest.

Through my research I got to learn more about various creative methods of raising one's own vegetable garden. First and foremost is to make your own compost with vegetable waste. A compost pit or a bin is very useful and hygienic to create your own organic compost. This helps you monitor the plants growth. Like a child's growth a plants needs its nutrients. Earth worms, the tiny little beautiful creatures of the Earth become your favorite friends as you spend time digging your nails in dirt. Vermin-composting is a speedy way of making compost at home.

Water reservoirs can be made with used water bottles or soda bottles to water your plants while you take off on a couple of days  vacation. Water retention and conservation is also another art you learn through this process.

Time and space management is part of Interior Designing which can be applied while the garden begins to expand as per one's requirement.

One can make the garden as creative as possible by using various waste products. A Tyre, a soda bottle, used cans anything that can spur your creative instincts! Spend time with your plants, talk to them and watch them respond to your love and care. Effect is therapeutic as well as Meditative!

As you improve you may even try Aeroponic or Hydroponic system of growing vegetables.

Best time of my day is when I spend sitting in the company of the young plants speaking nothing and thinking nothing.

Mother Earth is so very generous!