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    Saturday, 15 November 2014

    So who was I at nine or ten? What was precious to me? What gave me fulfillment? What shaped my world? At nine and ten, I was sometimes quiet, and some times quite noisy. I hated kickball, but loved to jump rope. I was afraid of whizzing balls going ...
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    Saturday, 15 November 2014

    Tiny fragments of pain, shards of random thoughts, the sharp feelings cut deep into my heart~ heart aches ©annettealaine 2014
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    Saturday, 15 November 2014

    Shivering in the cold, she refuses to yield, to return to the scene of the crime~ sharp words left hanging in the air, peace shattered over a bowl of oatmeal annettealaine 2014
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    Saturday, 27 September 2014

    She sits on the side of the road~ arms wrapped around her knees, head bent, shoulders heaving. The white Cadillac idles on a side street, passenger door propped open~ the driver walks to the road, steps gingerly towards her, arms outstretched...
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    Sunday, 24 August 2014

    Just for today,I'm going to shut out the chaos, and side step the drama. Just for today,I'm going to quiet the negative voices that echo through my brain. Just for today,I'm going to power down, and sit with the silence. Just for today,I'm going t...

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Virginia M Macasaet Reality Check
20 September 2018
Thank you Rosy, Few fallen trees, not too bad compared to the North...
Virginia M Macasaet Once More with Feeling
20 September 2018
Thank you Rosy, Stephen! Always feels good to be back home :-)
Monika Schott The magic mirror
19 September 2018
Yes, lived in the same house for many years now, which is quite different to the years of moving bef...
Stephen Evans The Other Side of Silence 
18 September 2018
Not as much skipping as you might think though some characters interested me more than others. Ther...
Rosy Cole The Other Side of Silence 
17 September 2018
Interesting. But literary arbiters since the two world wars might consider this discursive approach ...

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"Are you having any readings?" "No." "Have you brought some music?" "No." "Do you have rings?" "Yes." The elderly registrar smiles with a hint o...
I’m fine. Honestly, I rarely get sick. My sick leaves get converted to cash.   Frankly, I’d rather fake it. Every now and then I need a time out....
With so much work to accomplish every day, my weekends have been anything but restful. I have been waking up too early every morning in a rush becaus...
I can’t give up on writing. It’s what keeps me alive. No wonder I’ve been feeling out of sorts. I haven’t written in a long time!   I got stuck. ...