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    Sunday Moment

    Posted in Blogs on Sunday, 22 October 2017

    A few months back I accepted a new job that has since kept me very busy. No complaints.  Just very busy.   Writing unfortunately took a back seat. Thoughts about writing would come to mind then I’d forget.   Something about work always got into the way. Today is a conscious mindful effort to sit down and write.   How I miss this moment! Where do I catch up from?   A favorite cousin suddenly passed away at age 59. Dad at 91 has been waking up and thinking about his travels.   Having lost a loved one all too soon I told myself, “gotta do this one last time for dad!” Without hesitation and with doctor’s clearance I booked us a weekend flight to an old haunt.   Where I live, a short trip to Hong Kong has always been the next best thing to a long flight. It’s not going to be an easy getaway because dad requires strict and close attention.   Nevertheless, it’s going to be fun and memorable! Something I’d like to do for dad as time is not so much on his side at his old and tender age.   The weekend break will serve me well too. I tend to get very caught up with the demands of my job.   I love it but it eats a lot of my time! Fortunate in the sense that being single, I can dictate my time.   The girls have their own schedules and they aren’t home much of the weekend. Therefore, keeping myself busy, whether work related or something else, is perfect for me.   Just as I am about to take off for the carwash, thought I’d sit down and talk to myself. So here I am, just sharing bits and pieces of what’s been happening in my life.   It’s all good.  I am well.  Most of all, very grateful for the good fortune and peace I now have in my life.   I forgot to post this earlier. Back now from lunch with dad.   Bought him some doughnuts to go with his coffee. Still have a few hours to go before sunset.   Gotta dash out again and finish off what’s left in today’s list.

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Stephen Evans We Don't Say Goodbye
15 June 2018
Sound advice Ken.
Ken Hartke We Don't Say Goodbye
13 June 2018
I may have posted this before -- I sometimes need to revisit it. I occasionally need to give myself ...
Katherine Gregor Rise
12 June 2018
I like it!
Katherine Gregor R. R. R.
12 June 2018
I hope you're right. Thank you for your comment.
Rosy Cole R. R. R.
12 June 2018
The real strength you gained from this, I believe, is the interior knowledge, not necessarily recogn...

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