• Thanks for the comments. Rosy -- I look at this sort of social conversation as a healthful thing for mind and body. When engaging absolute strangers in an extended conversation there is less talk of politics, religion or hip-replacements. I think we crave social interaction of this sort. I've always been a writer and therefore a spectator and listener and less of a talker but living solo for the last ten years has changed that somewhat. Stephen -- yes I think there is a civilizing effect if the topic and direction allows it. There are social divides that get in the way but, with any luck, the uncivilized conversations are rare. Sometimes, among the people you know, there are topics that you have to avoid.

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Stephen Evans We Don't Say Goodbye
15 June 2018
Sound advice Ken.
Ken Hartke We Don't Say Goodbye
13 June 2018
I may have posted this before -- I sometimes need to revisit it. I occasionally need to give myself ...
Katherine Gregor Rise
12 June 2018
I like it!
Katherine Gregor R. R. R.
12 June 2018
I hope you're right. Thank you for your comment.
Rosy Cole R. R. R.
12 June 2018
The real strength you gained from this, I believe, is the interior knowledge, not necessarily recogn...

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