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    The Fading Season

    Posted in Blogs on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

                                                             The fading season —                             when all the trees have darkened                             but before the snow —                             I build a fire in the grate                             and find that unfinished book.                                       The new morning chill                                     draws me to the coffee pot.                                     The fire still has warmth.                                     Today’s sky is bright and clear,                                     best spent walking the canyon.                                               A fresh breeze picks up.                                             Fallen leaves drift in the current                                             like fishing boats                                             heading out to fill their nets.                                             They sail past the green heron.                                                       The November night                                                     dark and calm — not yet freezing.                                                     The Leonids pass                                                     flashing and fading in streaks                                                     of yellow among the stars.  

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Ken Hartke Sofia's Bakery
20 May 2018
Thanks, Rosy, -- glad you liked it.
Ken Hartke I Promise
20 May 2018
I am so looking forward to your return -- I love your writing and wish you well. From my youth I've...
Stephen Evans I Promise
20 May 2018
Sometimes when I am dealing with deep anxiety I find that work (by which I mean writing), and the f...
Rosy Cole Sofia's Bakery
20 May 2018
I just love this, Ken. As appealing to the senses as a painting. Thanks :-)

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