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    ...And you a devotee of particle physics! :-)

    'Yet there is a difference between stories and reality, if that exists anymore.' That does appear to be increasingly true in the virtual reality of the 21st century and I do feel is cause for some alarm about what's happening to the human brain. The late Jean Plaidy always held that we love absorption in history because we weren't actually living through its cruelty. It's safely in the past. Another country. But what about those vicarious experiences that seem immediate and Now and are perceived as happening enough for them to elicit real responses?

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Stephen Evans We Don't Say Goodbye
15 June 2018
Sound advice Ken.
Ken Hartke We Don't Say Goodbye
13 June 2018
I may have posted this before -- I sometimes need to revisit it. I occasionally need to give myself ...
Katherine Gregor Rise
12 June 2018
I like it!
Katherine Gregor R. R. R.
12 June 2018
I hope you're right. Thank you for your comment.
Rosy Cole R. R. R.
12 June 2018
The real strength you gained from this, I believe, is the interior knowledge, not necessarily recogn...

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