The Rosy Challenge

“It takes two to tango.”

I can’t claim that I did the tango with dad but he certainly spun me around!


Observing his daily routine, his unconscious boredom and loneliness made me realize that it takes a lot of effort to age gracefully.


I believe this is where the turnaround began.

Small talk and lightheartedness were my initial assignments.


Practice with anyone and everyone, randomly.

From the street cleaners to the cashier at the supermarket, making my way to relatives and family.


I woke one morning feeling different.  Something within had changed.

Everyone around me would lose their patience and I’d simply smile.


How odd of me, I thought…

And then the light bulb lit brightly.


I set myself free from jail!

The inner agitation no longer itched.

I felt the glow of resurrection


I met up with an old friend I had not seen in decades.

“You’re aura is different!  Are you the Rina I knew then?”

She was quick to ask, “When did you realize the change?”


I knew in my heart that my long self-imposed crucifixion had come to an end.

I still have occasional falls and slips but like Jesus who fell three times, you simply get up and keep on going….


How timely that I have come to realize forgiveness in this season of Lent.


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