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Wishing all friends across the Pond a happy holiday!




With white shirts, he said
the pain is that stains proclaim
your ineptitude
in a competitive world
blighting self-esteem


Dripped cappuccino
spinach, lentil soup, red wine
are markers of taste
and habitude and hunger
A neat paradox


But the choice is smart
even after Labor Day
I said. Obama's
an iconic trendsetter
It comes from the top


They suit you, I said
You wear pristine honesty
on your sleeve, or front
You strive against the tide for
the immaculate


That's Hope triumphant
You're no whited sepulchre
sporting a dark shirt
You wish the Cloths of Heaven
and Resurrection












from THE TWAIN, Poems of Earth and Ether

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Rosy Cole National Poetry Month
23 April 2023
It's a rap!
Stephen Evans Working
20 April 2023
l'arte non è mai finita solo abbandonata.
Rosy Cole Working
20 April 2023
Well done. It's a nice phase to be in. We hope the book takes wing. Once you've done the surgical ed...
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05 April 2023
and it would probably be crowded
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05 April 2023
Well, it's only asking for a total reorganisation of the planetary agenda...