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The sixty-sixth day of the year!

Time's marching on apace,

The weeks are washed downstream as one

In destiny's mill-race


They say that life is what takes place

While, otherwise employed,

We image on the calendar

A purpose unalloyed


But then that's merely virtual

Vicarious, if you like,

It won't satisfy the deadlines

On a pledge's unpaid spike


We work, we love, we eat, we sleep,

We rest – it still goes fast,

If we can't grab it by the collar,

Our future will be past!




© ©RosyCole2009, 2015

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16 September 2021
Hopeful! I was just reading Frost's A Prayer in Spring, which reminds me of this.
Rosy Cole Overheard
13 September 2021
An imaginative bargaining chip, though I suppose posh wheels might be an actual investment :-) When ...
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Wonderful portrait, Ken.
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09 August 2021
Priceless! Memories to warm yourself by. A heartwarming share.
Stephen Evans The Bus Stop
01 August 2021
Lovely portrait, Ken.