One Moment

"One moment of serene and confident life is more glorious than a whole campaign of daring:"

Henry David Thoreau

Journal, December 1839

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Driving like Daisy

I kept making a wrong turn while driving today.

Normally I would be annoyed.

I’m challenging myself to practice patience.


I am usually very alert when driving.

I must have been daydreaming.

They were silly wrong turns that cost me time.


Had I been more focused I would have not missed the right turn.

My mind has been wandering off lately.

I can blame it on mercury going retrograde.


But truth is, I was daydreaming.

Cruising in the midst of heavy traffic.

I was driving like I imagined driving on highway 280 in San Francisco.


Except that there are no such highways where I live.

Only bumper to bumper traffic and cars cutting you left and right.

I didn’t seem bothered at all.


I was happy living in another world inside my head.

I still completed my errands on time.

It just took longer than usual.


What’s the rush?

People are always rushing to get things done like being late is a crime.

I used to be one of those people always in a rush.


Nowadays I prefer to take my time.

I like going slow and living the moment step by step.

I end my day on a happy note.


Rushing does not mean busier.

To me it’s impatience.

With the same amount of things to do, I can either rush or take my time.


The end result will be the same.

Only I will be crankier or not, fatigued or calm, hungry or famished!

Why put myself through hell when I can enjoy heaven.


I am a much nicer person when taking my time and not rushed.

Now I remember the movie, Driving Miss Daisy.

What a gracious woman Miss Daisy was!

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