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Past Life Regression.

Have you ever tried this?


It does help resolve haunting issues of the past.

At least for me, PLR has done me good.


The process has brought me clarity with unexplainable present encounters.

PLR has also helped me bring closure to instances that I was unable to make sense of.


In essence, past life regression does help with lingering trauma.

Deep inner emotional trauma that the conscious life can’t seem to reach.


When I am awake, all is well.

It’s when I fall asleep my subconscious wakes.


My mind travels into another dimension.

It’s not always easy for me to understand, thus, PLR.


A gentle reminder though.

PLR resonates with me, however one may find it odd or strange.


You have to trust in your semi-conscious state.

Whatever comes to surface is it.


A different time and place, unfamiliar and a long, long time ago.

Just acknowledge what you see and it will all make sense in the end.


I do believe that I have arrived at a calm place in my life today because of PLR.

Unresolved issues have found it’s closure.


It’s a journey that has brought me peace within.

May you find your peace and calm too.

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An Independent Woman

A petite slip of being, she cries because she can’t remember.


It’s a flash, a dry crumpling of her expression in the middle of an exertion, a bullet to your heart and mind when you see it and realize her dismal state.

Sometimes the flash is a series of strokes, giving a false impression of one drawn flash, but they’re small flashes piling together to create an illusion.

She’s all about illusions, the illusions she’s being brave and strong, the illusion she can hold on. She calls others crazy and weird and confesses sometimes those are the words others use to characterize her. She’s articulate and then lost, intelligent and then fumbling, happy and then sad.

She confesses to secrets about abusive alcoholic parents, bankruptcy and a chaotic upbringing, and attending college, graduating and working in hospitals, but it’s the untold confessions that titillate. She shares her art, coming in to show her paintings, and she discusses her programs, like Downton Abby. She shuffles when she walks, a torn piece of yellowing newspaper, trying to remind everyone she is still human.

She’s in a good mood today, chatting about the work she had this week, the precious work because it’s extra income and her income is so, so small, backtracking to clarify and elaborate, to find her way again after tangents lure her from her points. A cold, hard gaze answers when assistance is offered. She doesn’t want assistance from anyone. She can use it but she won’t take it. No.


She is an independent woman. Her name is Carol.

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Hide and Seek



I completed a series of paintings in 2007.
“In Between Worlds”, I was in awe with the images that filled my canvas.
As it turns out, I was in between worlds!
Attending a talk on reincarnation, I was guided into past life regression.
I had totally forgotten about my collection of paintings.
Until I saw the same images while in regression.
I was in a cave by the sea somewhere far away.
Keeping watch over a wounded soldier helping him get better.
One day, a ship came by to take him back to his homeland.
And there I was standing from the cave looking out at sea.
The ship had departed at dawn, not a moment to say goodbye.
His bed was empty.
So I was told, the soul never forgets.
How many lives I have lived, I do not know.
The artist in me painted a glimpse of my past.
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