It’s clear to me.

I know what I want.

My goal remains.


It’s the process to arriving that’s challenging.

It’s also enlightening in unexpected ways.

Sifting through, loading and unloading will take a while longer.


Timing is essential.

One does not rush a delicate process.

Just as healing takes time, decisions must be processed clearly.


The end result is much awaited.

The anticipation builds with delight.

Excitement has never filled me this much until now.

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I have a right to dream.

I’m just like everyone else looking for his or her dream. 

It’s not complicated. 

Just lay back, close your eyes and smile. 

Don’t have to pretend to be someone else. 

Just dress up and be yourself. 

Relax and try to be cool! 

Dreaming isn’t fun when you’re stressed out. 

By some stroke of luck the universe may just turn your thoughts into things!


I don’t get it! 

A distant friend of mine said to me “you had me fooled.  You look so good I thought you had someone in your life.”

Silly woman she is!

Men aren’t the only reason to look good. 

I love myself! 

Why wouldn’t I want to look gorgeous for myself!


Thank you, Universe. 

Thank you, Moon. 

Thank you, Angels. 

Am still waiting the birds to come around. 

Did you know that birds are messengers of Angels? 

The next time you see a bird hovering around you keep still. 

There’s a message for you from heaven.

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One Step Closer

One moment, one morning.

One night, one day.

Tomorrow will come.


And a new day begins.

A new journey will unfold.

The dream will come true.


No more rendezvous.

Only days to count beginnings.

Over and over again.


Out in open air.

A hand to hold.

A face to touch.


A glance no longer in hiding.

Two as one walking in stride.

One step at a time.


Only this time together.

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Chillax Mom!

Chillax - a combination of terms "chill out" and "relax."
Yes I do know.
I am well aware it's going to take a while longer.
So best I sit back and relax.
Yes I do know.
There will be good days and bad.
Best to avoid picking a fight.
Yes I do know.
Challenges will arise unexpectedly.
Try not to take things personally.
So what now?
Well, for starters, chill.
Keep the faith and distract yourself.
Practice patience.
Buy a bag of chips and indulge.
Have a beer and talk to the moon.
Or coffee and talk to yourself.
Keep the self talk positive.
No nit picking on what's not there.
Shopping always helps.
So what if you have 10 new pairs of shoes?
I'm sure there's always something else to justify the need.
Yeah, sometimes it's a waste of money.
But it isn't a waste of time if it helps you forget temporarily.
Take a nap and sleep off the angst.
No one will see you tossing and turning anyway.
Smile when you wake up.
Gotta hang in there girl!
At the end of the day it'll all pan out.
Not hopefully but surely.
As my daughters would say... "Chillax mom!"  


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Monika Schott Change only ever happens forever
25 January 2020
Thanks Rosy. Wonderful analogy of two sides of a coin. The three guarantees we can't escape - life, ...
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25 January 2020
Thanks, Moni. God bless. Hope 2020 is a great year for you. Stay safe. X
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22 January 2020
Beautifully written...change, the one thing that is constant for all of us...