Update on Just a Reminder

I am happy and I am well.

Having moved forward, I continue to look up.


I have finally discovered my essential truth.

I came clean and let go of my baggage.

Staying centered is now much easier to do.


And yes, I have kept myself busy.


Thanks for the reminder…

I can now rest easy and sleep well.


Fingers crossed, this time it’s for real.



September 9, 2007

Just a Reminder 


Be happy.  Stay well.

Look up.  Look forward.


Sometimes failure is necessary to find the essential truth.

Come clean.  Let go of the baggage.

Stay centered.  Keep busy.


It’s just a reminder…

Rest easy.  Sleep well.



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Chillax Mom!

Chillax - a combination of terms "chill out" and "relax."
Yes I do know.
I am well aware it's going to take a while longer.
So best I sit back and relax.
Yes I do know.
There will be good days and bad.
Best to avoid picking a fight.
Yes I do know.
Challenges will arise unexpectedly.
Try not to take things personally.
So what now?
Well, for starters, chill.
Keep the faith and distract yourself.
Practice patience.
Buy a bag of chips and indulge.
Have a beer and talk to the moon.
Or coffee and talk to yourself.
Keep the self talk positive.
No nit picking on what's not there.
Shopping always helps.
So what if you have 10 new pairs of shoes?
I'm sure there's always something else to justify the need.
Yeah, sometimes it's a waste of money.
But it isn't a waste of time if it helps you forget temporarily.
Take a nap and sleep off the angst.
No one will see you tossing and turning anyway.
Smile when you wake up.
Gotta hang in there girl!
At the end of the day it'll all pan out.
Not hopefully but surely.
As my daughters would say... "Chillax mom!"  


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Weather or not...

It’s Christmas day!

I woke up to the sun shining.

Today’s weather is friendly.


I think if you let the weather be,

It’ll eventually come around.

Just like life.


Leave it to the Universe and things happen.

No sense trying to control the impossible.

It’s going to be a pleasant Christmas after all.



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Happy about What?

Nothing in particular really…

I’m just in a happy mood!

I sense something is arriving.

I don’t really know what or who.

It doesn’t matter.

I’m just feeling happy.


I could be happy about nothing.

That’s fine too.

I’m actually fatigued and still feeling happy.

I’m happy right now all alone.

Early dinner and then snooze.

I’ve been nursing a running nose.


In between sneezes I’m happy.

I chuckle every now and then.

Thinking that something or someone is arriving.

Soon I hope!

Despite the hectic holiday rush, I feel it.

I’m happy thinking about nothing or something.


Call it silly, call it whatever you want.

I don’t care.

Bottom line is, I am feeling happy!

So I’m imagining positive thoughts.

Coaxing the universe to rush the delivery.

Meanwhile, I’m practicing how to be surprised!

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