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Completed my reading, editing and revising of “Returnee” today. I thought it had been so polished before.


I was a bit off.

It wasn’t ugly but there were small mistakes. Disturbing to find such mistakes but not incredibly surprising. Our minds can be magnificently devious providing interpretations what we see and what we’re told we see.

I didn’t read the whole novel. Once I edited the first sections, I had to re-number the chapters. The story kept drawing me in as I did. So I edited, revised and polished more. And, I think, if I set it aside and come back to it in a few more weeks, I’d probably find more errors or places for further polishing, a case for having copy editors and editors.

I’m an impatient writer, though, and want to get on with other things to be written, stories to be told, stories to be finished. Novels.

So. What to do tomorrow. On with the editing and revising or continuing with the latest novel in progress? The Writer wants to go with the latter. He’ll probably win. It’s easier. Safer. More fun.


He likes it when I write like crazy.

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Chapter 38

I hit 70,000 words on Returnee and pondered, now what?  The next chapter, 38, was half completed, a pivot scene begun a few weeks back.  I dove into it to uncover needed adjustments and made a few.  I prepared to launch the writing day but stalled out.  What gives? I pressed myself, killing time by editing, revising, reviewing and polishing.  Chapter 38 is almost done, just needs some something something and then on to Chapter 39, come on, engage the program, go.

No, it was no go.  Chapter 38, I realized this morning, no longer works.  Its place in the novel has been overcome by new layers and complexities.  Debilitating and liberating, that acknowledgement was.  The debilitating piece popped up because, well, it wasn't big or beautiful, just 1800 words of pleasant prose of setting, character and action now branded as almost useless.  So, debilitating as in, this weakens me, weakens my resolve and erodes my energy.  Debilitating because it was lost time and effort - if you want to look at it that way.  Liberating because I knew it didn't work, liberating because I'd tried something and it flopped and now I understood that it flopped and by removing it and accepting its removal, I knew what to write to take its place.  

So there it is, Chapter 38 has been selected and cut, and then pasted into another doc of its own and saved, just in case, with additional notes inserted at the beginning about why it didn't work and when it was removed.  

Now I'm free to write like crazy once again.  Let the madness roll on.

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