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Reality Check

With so much work to accomplish every day, my weekends have been anything but restful.

I have been waking up too early every morning in a rush because of so many things to do.

How unlikely of me.


I am disappointed with myself because I have allowed myself to reach this exhausting point.

A year down the road feels like a decade.

I value the work that I do but, admittedly, it’s taking a toll on me.


Maybe it’s just another hiccup in life.

Maybe it’s just an off year.

I can’t help but at times wonder…


Could there be yet another something for me out there?

Something that will keep me motivated.

Something what will shift me to a better place.


Not just work wise but all around life kind of thing.

You see, truth is, I’m on my own.

Not that it’s a bad thing, it just is.


I know God hears.

Eventually things will shift again.

Just have to sit it out and ride the tide.



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With any first time experience, I truly believe that a meaningful impact that is forged turns into an imprint for life.


An imprint that leads to a path that hopefully inspires and motivates a fresh soul.

Whether it’s a first job or a first visit to a destination, a first experience in anything is always a big event.


Sadly, there are mean and cruel people in this world.

It’s not as simple as what a person utters.

Rather it’s the manner words are uttered that makes or breaks.

I think that age does make a difference.

Some of the young ones lack seasoning and even the older ones sometimes lack grace.


The wisdom of age doesn’t always bring out the best in a person.

It would be ideal if every newbie had a good mentor.

The chances of our young ones growing up better prepared would be higher.

Such is life, not everyone gets a good break at the starting point.



Small talk is key.  It helps me get through a stressful day.

Lately, I’ve been engaging in small talk.

Street parking at the office, I’ve made friends with the street sweepers.

The traffic marshal at the corner has become my friend too.

On really hot days, I bring them a cold drink.


Parking at the therapy center, I’ve made friends with the attendants as well.

With my daily routine going on for months now, I see the same faces everyday.

The small talk sets in and helps me to snap out of the routine and slow down.

I get caught up having to be here and there and specific times and running errands in between.



I am reminded about growing old.  Small talk is essential. 

In observing dad, how I wish he liked small talk.

He is selective and being with him can be a challenge without small talk.

Small talk is a good icebreaker that quickly warms up any space.

I don’t mind silence but it can be deafening and uncomfortable for others.


I used to be a very guarded person, to a point of unapproachable.

I’m glad I learned how to make small talk.

I see how valuable this will be when I grow old.

It’s a good tool to have when looking for company.

Small talk to myself I think will help keep me light hearted and amused too!

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