How to Mourn


We stopped the clock a week ago

while my brother slept on the couch.

The ticking kept him up.

I’m wearing my father’s watch

But I can’t hear it.


Friends have come and gone.

They didn’t stay

but we have lots of food.

I wish to remember

but it turns me sad

and I have work to do.


Here is my dream:

Skating in circles

on a frozen lake.

If it melts I drown.

If not I skate forever

round and round.


For what should I wish?

I wake.

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New Month New Day

It happens.

Sometimes out of the blue.

Other times with fair warning.

Regardless, it is inevitable.


People come and go.

Things change.

The wind blows one way or another.

We all go where we are meant to go.


Look back, move forward.

Rise above ground.

The shift can pull one down.

Best to avoid the ground.


Everyone plans for a rainy day.

I like to plan for sunshine days ahead.

A new month, a new day, a new shift.

Always helps kick off the momentum.

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To the New Year

Make no promise.

Fill the heart.

Fill with time

For friends and art.

Fill with hope

In place of fear.

Fill with light

by which to steer.

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What Time is It?

Yesterday it was Christmas.

Soon Valentine’s Day will be here.

Time sure does fly fast!


I can’t believe it’s February already.

I could have sworn that just the other day still felt like Christmas.

The holidays came and went.


M1 is busy with her second job.

This one seems to be a much better fit than the first one.

She’s home much earlier looking tired but accomplished.


M2 is on the last stretch of college life.

She goes bowling on Mondays for class.

She’s come such a long way from her knee surgery a year ago.


My mornings at the office have gotten so busy!

I walk a lot from place to place on carless days.

I am knitting owls to fulfill Christmas orders.


Gosh!  December is far away but if I don’t start now I’ll never finish.

So much for time that’s flying, I simply have to keep up!

Tomorrow is another day.

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16 June 2020
Enjoyed this so much. Charming, evocative, and lyrical.
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