While my daughter stays in isolation, I have the luxury of puttering around inside our space.

I am blessed to have enough space and a balcony to breathe.

I am blessed that the convenience of help and online services is abundant.


However, there is more than dealing with covid illness.

Although I am well, I have to admit, my spirit is not so well.

It’s difficult not to worry.


My sleep is good only because I’ve had to pop a sleeping pill.

Otherwise my mind would be awake all night.

Devoted catholic that I am, prayer does not seem enough.


I think more than worry, it’s this feeling that one’s world has gone haywire.

I think of my parents and wonder how they coped with WW2.

I think of 9/11 and wonder how those trapped inside managed to survive.


I sit in silence breathing deeply, sketching, writing, watching films online.

I prepare the daily meals and try to get a bit of exercise before the day ends.

Come sunset, I feel better knowing that I’ve survived another day.


I look forward to lying in my bed, reciting prayers of thanks and watching films until I fall asleep.

Surrender and faith play key roles in this pandemic.

So many thoughts running in my mind, I hope I can write them all down with ease.