Only in the Philippines

I am assuming.

The moment September arrives Christmas carols play everywhere.

Even though there are few more universal celebrations to look forward to like Halloween and Thanksgiving, nothing gets into the way of the “ber” months.

Everyone becomes excitable!  Preparations begin way ahead of time.

One would think that by the time December arrives the mood would go stale.

No way!  It only gets crazier with more traditions and festivities coming to play.

The only thing missing is the weather. No fall and definitely no winter.

It’s either rain or shine. 

No storm can dampen the mood of Christmas in the Philippines.

Deck the halls with boughs of holy, fa la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.

I think I got it!  That’s one “fa” and eight “la’s”.


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Stephen Evans
Now I'm going to have that song in my head all day ... Read More
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 14:42
Virginia M Macasaet
Oh how I miss your witty one-liners!... Read More
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 21:55
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Weather or not...

It’s Christmas day!

I woke up to the sun shining.

Today’s weather is friendly.


I think if you let the weather be,

It’ll eventually come around.

Just like life.


Leave it to the Universe and things happen.

No sense trying to control the impossible.

It’s going to be a pleasant Christmas after all.



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Something About the Weather



It’s Christmas.

Unfortunately the weather is anything but Christmas.

It’s unpredictable.


So is life.

The freezer next door conked out resulting in my overcrowded freezer.

Daughter flipped out because her laptop is in a foul mood.


I flipped out because she flipped out.

The weather turned for the worse and the rain won’t stop.

It’s a mess this Christmas.


All this unpredictability I think connects to the weather.

It’s hard to predict.

Just like life.


Come to think of it…

Despite the unpredictability

I must say I had a pretty good year!


Lots of things happened without my anticipating them.

And I managed to pull through.

I accomplished what I had set out to do on my 50th year.


I wish it were brighter this Christmas.

But can’t fight life or the weather.

To hell with the damp and cold…


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Be Blessed. Be happy.

Love for all from my corner of the world.

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Winter and the Art of Trusting

One of my recurring nightmares is missing Christmas.  When I am under intense stress and feel like I am losing control of my life, I start dreaming that, somehow or other, I’ve overslept, miscalculated the dates, forgot to look at the calendar, or simply got stuck at work, and Christmas has passed me by.  And I get very upset.  I love Christmas.  For about two weeks of the year.  This year, however, I am resenting the seasonal bullying which kicked in minutes after Hallowe’en.  I find myself cowering under its aggressiveness and wishing I could hide in a dark corner where I could fall asleep until until Twelfth Night.  


In every shop, there are representations of Santa Claus.  An old man with flushed cheeks, paunch, bright red costume and vacant eyes, and who seems capable of uttering the monosyllabic "Ho! Ho! Ho!" My heart sinks.


Keep that Santa Claus. 


Instead, give me a Father Frost – a Sir Christèmas – with a knowing face, and a cloak like the earth – green and brown and gold, glistening with icicles and embroidered with frost patterns.  A shapeshifter with hazel eyes and the arcane knowledge of Merlin, who knows words to move the elements, spells and incantations; who's as old and wise as the earth.  A winter Green Man whose silver hair will grow dark again, and pale skin will turn brown,  on the morning of the Spring Equinox.


I pull the box of Christmas CDs from under the bed.  Bing Crosby and the rest of the Fellowship of Crooners.  No.  I cannot abide the saccharine this year.  I take out a recording of Mediaeval carols, conducted by Andrew Parrott.  Songs full of mystery, hope and awe.    


Trust.  Christmas is about trust.  Trust that magic exists.  Trust that goodwill and love truly exist.  Trust that words will be kept and intentions carried out.  Trust that all will be well.  After all, isn’t Winter all about trust?  Trust that beneath the frozen, hard earth bright green shoots are sprouting, even though we will not see them for months, yet.  Trust that the cold and bleakness will eventually give way to sunshine and blossoms.  Trust that, next year, things will be better.  Trust, though at times, you feel you have little evidence to fuel your hopes.  And trust is about waiting.  Waiting patiently.  


The branches of the oak tree outside my window are bare.  I strain to remember the luxuriating glossy green foliage that dressed it not three months ago.  I strain to imagine tiny green buds sprouting on it once more.  But I must wait and trust.  Wait for the tree to be ready and trust that it will be. 


I pour a few drops of pine needle and rosemary essential oil into the pottery burner, and put peel of an orange on the radiator.  Their scents mingle and fill the room with Yuletide.  It’s evening, and I light the red Advent candle on my table.  I sit in the armchair by the window.  Up in the sky, the Moon has a soft glow and a deeply sympathetic expression.  Her beams are washing over the dark branches of my oak tree.  I understand, she seems to whisper, trusting is hard, but do trust – all will be well.  I catch a glimpse of something at the foot of the oak.  I look down and meet the amber gaze of a fox.  His eyes catch the headlights of a passing car.  He shudders, cowers, but then straightens up and looks up at my window again.  The Moon is speaking the truth, he seems to say.  He looks peeved with my doubts.  Trust, his eyes command.  In their glint, I see something ancient and arcane.  Suddenly, the fox is a fox no more, but a tall figure standing against the trunk of the oak.  I blink and it’s vanished.  Once again, the fox is staring up at me and his eyes are merry and wise.  I stare back.  For a fraction of a second, I thought he’s turned into a tall man with a knowing face and a cloak like the earth – green and brown and gold, glistening with icicles and embroidered with frost patterns.


I will trustI do trust, I reply.



Scribe Doll    

(This is an edited version of the piece published on Wordpress last year)


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Nicholas Mackey
In your writing, Katya you always take your dear reader to this magical place where it is fun to explore with you and to hear your... Read More
Thursday, 11 December 2014 16:09
Katherine Gregor
Thank you, Nicholas. And a happy Christmas and New Year to you, too.
Thursday, 11 December 2014 16:35
Monika Schott PhD
What a beautiful story. I could see children listening to this in total wonderment! Marry Christmas to you. x
Thursday, 11 December 2014 18:54
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