The Next Step

Today by email I got two rejections.

The first was a rejection from an agent I had queried about a children's book. The second was a rejection of a poem by a literary magazine.

It is not unusual for me to get a rejection:  the contrary is true. Blue moons are common compared to acceptance for me.

But two on one day is unusual, and it made me take note of my reaction. For both, I went looking for the next place to submit. Rejection no longer seems like a denial of who I am, or even a commentary on what I have done. It is just the next step in the process of getting the work in the right hands. 

I thought today it is like finding a place to plant a flower (something even more uncommon for me than blue moons). You need to find the right spot. This soil is too acidic. This has too little sun. This gets not enough rain.

I want my flower to bloom.

It takes a while to find just the right spot. 






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Sue Martin Glasco
You have such a mature and accurate assessment of rejections. I really like this, and I think every new writer should have acces... Read More
Thursday, 26 March 2015 04:34
Stephen Evans
Thanks Sue - the product of many many rejections ... Read More
Thursday, 26 March 2015 16:37
Katherine Gregor
I have planted pomegranate seeds in a small pot of soil. I trust they will sprout. I wish I could give you one. I must start su... Read More
Thursday, 26 March 2015 10:33
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